It's the best thing in the world! Should've happened last year, but better now than never. It's wonderful; it's well deserved; it's about time!

Beth Ehlers is nominated for the Lead Actress Emmy!!! Lets all jump for joy and do a happy dance, lol!
And she is the first actress to hit all three categorical levels: younger, supporting and now lead. So cool! Congrats to her!

I believe last year should have been her year, but she wasn't nominated. She was robbed! She had some awesome work last year but was totally overlooked. But she's finally nominated for lead, and she deserves it. She was phenomenal during Harley's trial and its fallout - prison and going on the run. Her best work was during that damn trial, and hopefully she'll win for it.

Ricky Paull Goldin isn't nominated, but if Beth wins, I'd like for her to share it with him. They're a team; they bring out the best in each other. Where would she be work-wise without him?

I'd like to believe Beth has a great chance of winning, but I'm not sure. The other nominees are Kim Zimmer, Susan Flannery, Bobbie Eakes, and Kelly Monaco. Bobbie and Kelly have never been nominated before, so their chance can't be too good. Kim and Susan have won numerous times; they're damn divas. And Beth has been nominated four times but still hasn't won. All five are wonderful actresses, and anything can happen. Any one of them could win. But no one deserves it more than Beth.

It is a honor for Beth just to be nominated. So if she doesn't win, I'll think of that. Being nominated gets her some recognition. Being nominated shows that's she's great and worthy of a win. Being nominated gets some recognition for Guiding Light. It's all good even if she doesn't win.

But if Beth does win...I'll probably cry with joy and burst with excitement. There should be a huge applause and enough time for her to give a great acceptance speech. I'd love to see her hold up her Emmy proud and remember to thank Ricky. It would be a momentous occasion, and I'm sure she'd party hard after the ceremony. I'll be partying too, kind of. Win or no win, I'll toast to her.

Good luck, Beth Ehlers!!! I and many other fans are rooting for you! Here's to a fabulous Emmy night - April 28th on ABC!!

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