Here is a second wallpaper featuring The Wallbanger. I think I believed these three pictures were the hottest of my wallbanger pictures. So, I got the idea to make a simple wallpaper to show some love for these pics.

I used the circular shape once again because of the black background. Black is just right for pictures to stand out, and black works for sexy pictures. I came up with the small circles/spots to fill up bothersome spaces.

There had to be something in the middle, and nothing's more perfect than a heart. Gus and Harley's hearts beat strong for each other. Imagine how they were beating during this scene. The font for 'Insatiable GusH' - looks pretty, doesn't it? The color is a light pink/purple. I didn't want pure white. I believe the italics make it stand out a little bit more.

All in all, this is a simple, hot wallpaper for GusHers, who will want to watch The Wallbanger after staring at this for a while. Or after staring at the previous wallbanger wallpaper. And if a GusHer doesn't want to watch: what the hell is wrong with you? LOL!

The Wallbanger

The love scene in this wallpaper occurred on May 5, 2003. It is GusH's most famous one and the best love scene EVER. Any fan would say so. The fans dubbed it The Wallbanger because of how Gus slammed Harley against a wall to begin "doing it" downstairs. Seriously, The Wallbanger is Gus & Harley's hottest and longest love scene. The song "Insatiable" by Savage Garden's Darren Hayes played in the background. Just about the entire song played, and it's a long song I'd say. I wasn't making wallpapers when this scene aired, and since this one is so loved, I had to make one (or two) of it.

I wanted this to have a different layout and to show almost every picture I have from the scene. The order to the pictures is very unique. The four corners are first. Then move to the top, gaze across the middle, and finish at the bottom. I don't remember how I came up with that or how I thought to make some circular and the others wavy. I don't even know how I made the wavy ones. I think it's a terrific look, though.

I probably began with the corner pics and went from there. I'm wondering if I created the text last. Text is usually last. I think the font used is perfect for The Wallbanger. I can't say why. I like to call the love scene Insatiable Wallbanger sometimes because it's more of a proper title. The song is just as important as what happens in the scene. The dark pink background - I thought it was a good sexy color. All the pictures are sexy, so I can't choose a favorite. But the first two on the right are especially hot.

The Love Scenes

I was always a huge fan of Gus & Harley's love scenes because they have so much chemistry and passion and desire for each other. For a while there I wanted to make a wallpaper showcasing all their love scenes, and that's what this is.

I figure I started with the lines and center text. There is no better phrase than 'hot for each other' for a wallpaper like this. You can see that phrase it true in each picture. Their love scenes were always so hot because they really wanted each other bad.

The love scenes are in order, of course.

The first side:
May 2002 trip to Greece at Gus' place
May 2003 the "wallbanger" at their house
June 2005 on the soap opera beach set

The second side:
July 2005 celebration at their unfinished house
March 2006 reunion at their unfinished house
July 2006 hotel room hotness

I tried varying the shapes of the pictures, and some of them have the feather effect. Some are simply circular while others were cut out at whatever odd shape. The pictures had to be cropped because there's no way this wallpaper would look as great with the full pictures. The small lines, circles, and hearts with names were put in spaces that bothered me.

The best or my favorite picture? Well, I believe these are the best pictures of each love scene. To have a favorite is impossible.


A Baby?

In 2006 Gus and Harley finally decided to have a baby. A month went by with some sexy attempts, and how could I not make a wallpaper?

I went with a more creative layout for this one, and I'm wondering how that came to be. I don't remember how I thought it up. You start at the top left corner and go clockwise - that's the chronological order of the scenes & stages of their attempts. And the final picture and title is in the center. I love the layout and that I used different fonts for each text section.

'The decision' refers to GusH talking about and ultimately deciding to have a baby. All that happened in one episode in which they took care of a baby for a night. The succeeding pics are when they start "trying". 'Woo woo' is from more "trying" when Gus acquired something called Woo Woo Root that was suppose to help. GL really pushed the limits with that. GusH never benefited from the stuff because Rick interrupted & couldn't take the hint that they wanted to be alone. The next picture is Harley in Gus's arms because she was in a hurry, and succeeding that is Gus showing her the woo woo.

'Sneaking away' is after they got Rick out of the house, but soon Buzz showed up with Olivia & Ava feuding. I think Coop was there too. GusH snuck out of their house, made it to a hotel room, and finally had their time together. The next pic is them heating up only to be interrupted again, and then it's them in their hotel room bed. The center pic is from the same episode. That's the highlight of their "trying", in my opnion.

'Fertility boing' refers to two things. Gus used the term 'boing' while talking about getting worked up again, so to speak. It was an episode when GusH were taking a break because she was wearing him out. Fertility is the type of book Harley borrowed from Cassie. At Cassie's Harley told Gus that he could pick her up later, and he literally did. That's what the next picture is. After that is them looking at the book, which had a tricky position for them to attempt.

Their baby-making did not work because Gus had a problem. I find that easy to believe despite soaps being known for miracle babies from characters who believe they cannot have children. Gus & Harley had been active for years, and if he didn't get her pregnant yet, then it wasn't meant to be. I was surprised that he didn't give her another surprise baby, but then we learned about his problem.


A Tale, A Song

I love Disney's animated movies. Always have and always will. I love music from Disney movies. Always have and always will. I've had inklings to make Gus & Harley wallpapers using lyrics from Disney love songs. The lyrics in this wallpaper are from "Beauty And The Beast" (from the movie of the same title). Most of the song does not fit GusH at all because Gus is not what I'd call a beast. He's a beauty like Harley. But the words I used do suit them very well. Their love tale began 10 years ago (I think 5/6 when I made this), and they have a song in them that only they know. Love has existed forever, and they don't need real music to dance.

I made the lyrics gold because that is a color I associate with Beauty And The Beast. The background is purple because gold stands out wonderfully against it. The words 'GusH love' are in place of 'Beauty and the Beast', I think. They serve as Gus & Harley's song title.

I pictures I included are from the past (2002) and what was then the present (2006). Three 2002 are the left and three 2006 on the right - both sets in chronological order. The top center pic is from March 2002 when Gus followed Harley to the Bauer Cabin, and they shared a few sweet moments outside. The bottom center pic is from March 2006 when Gus had been presumed dead for a few months and Harley finally found him.

Kiss Me

This is a kiss collage. It's sweet and steamy, isn't it?

The inspiration for this came from a Tad & Dixie (from All My Children) wallpaper that a fan had made years ago. It showcased their kisses using two pieces of dialogue - one by Tad and one by Dixie. It looks way better and more professional than this one I made, but mine is special because it's GusH. Plus I love the simplicity of it.

The words 'Kiss me' are from Sixpence None The Richer's song of the same title. I wanted the font to be elegant. The words should be white and lovely in order to stand out on a collage.

I suppose I chose the best and my favorite kisses to feature. GusH's wedding kiss in the middle is the best, and the one beside it was their most recent kiss at the time. It's extremely difficult to have a favorite because GusH kiss so well and present great screencaps. Right now, in this moment, my favorites are the four on the sides (two on each side). On the left are two from February 2005. On the right are their 2003 engagement and 2004 Christmas kisses. All four are excellent to watch as well as gaze at.

All kisses are in the 2002-2006 range. If it wasn't for the Christmas Kiss, 2004 would not be represented because it was an ugly year.


A Wedding, A Marriage, An Anniversary

A milestone - five years ago Gus and Harley were married. Not only is it sad that they're not around anymore but also it's sad that they wouldn't be celebrating right now if they were. Even if Gus were alive, their marriage was still annulled or whatever. And they'd have a new anniversary. I always hoped they'd be unlike other couples by staying married for a good number of years. Their marriage only lasted for two.

I can't believe it's been so long since their wedding. Five years has gone by so fast.

Their wedding was beautiful, wasn't it? Beautifully simple. I think the best part was the vows. And that scene on the steps sipping champagne and talking name changing. So sweet!

I still hate that we didn't get a wedding night or a honeymoon. But oh well.

I'm thinking about and missing GusH on this day. I miss them a little every day. I will watch the wedding and episodes surrounding it later. I'm sure it'll be one big sob fest. Smiles, laughter, and sad tears. That's how it is watching the wedding nowadays.

Long live GusH.