A Baby?

In 2006 Gus and Harley finally decided to have a baby. A month went by with some sexy attempts, and how could I not make a wallpaper?

I went with a more creative layout for this one, and I'm wondering how that came to be. I don't remember how I thought it up. You start at the top left corner and go clockwise - that's the chronological order of the scenes & stages of their attempts. And the final picture and title is in the center. I love the layout and that I used different fonts for each text section.

'The decision' refers to GusH talking about and ultimately deciding to have a baby. All that happened in one episode in which they took care of a baby for a night. The succeeding pics are when they start "trying". 'Woo woo' is from more "trying" when Gus acquired something called Woo Woo Root that was suppose to help. GL really pushed the limits with that. GusH never benefited from the stuff because Rick interrupted & couldn't take the hint that they wanted to be alone. The next picture is Harley in Gus's arms because she was in a hurry, and succeeding that is Gus showing her the woo woo.

'Sneaking away' is after they got Rick out of the house, but soon Buzz showed up with Olivia & Ava feuding. I think Coop was there too. GusH snuck out of their house, made it to a hotel room, and finally had their time together. The next pic is them heating up only to be interrupted again, and then it's them in their hotel room bed. The center pic is from the same episode. That's the highlight of their "trying", in my opnion.

'Fertility boing' refers to two things. Gus used the term 'boing' while talking about getting worked up again, so to speak. It was an episode when GusH were taking a break because she was wearing him out. Fertility is the type of book Harley borrowed from Cassie. At Cassie's Harley told Gus that he could pick her up later, and he literally did. That's what the next picture is. After that is them looking at the book, which had a tricky position for them to attempt.

Their baby-making did not work because Gus had a problem. I find that easy to believe despite soaps being known for miracle babies from characters who believe they cannot have children. Gus & Harley had been active for years, and if he didn't get her pregnant yet, then it wasn't meant to be. I was surprised that he didn't give her another surprise baby, but then we learned about his problem.

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