A Tale, A Song

I love Disney's animated movies. Always have and always will. I love music from Disney movies. Always have and always will. I've had inklings to make Gus & Harley wallpapers using lyrics from Disney love songs. The lyrics in this wallpaper are from "Beauty And The Beast" (from the movie of the same title). Most of the song does not fit GusH at all because Gus is not what I'd call a beast. He's a beauty like Harley. But the words I used do suit them very well. Their love tale began 10 years ago (I think 5/6 when I made this), and they have a song in them that only they know. Love has existed forever, and they don't need real music to dance.

I made the lyrics gold because that is a color I associate with Beauty And The Beast. The background is purple because gold stands out wonderfully against it. The words 'GusH love' are in place of 'Beauty and the Beast', I think. They serve as Gus & Harley's song title.

I pictures I included are from the past (2002) and what was then the present (2006). Three 2002 are the left and three 2006 on the right - both sets in chronological order. The top center pic is from March 2002 when Gus followed Harley to the Bauer Cabin, and they shared a few sweet moments outside. The bottom center pic is from March 2006 when Gus had been presumed dead for a few months and Harley finally found him.

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