Kiss Me

This is a kiss collage. It's sweet and steamy, isn't it?

The inspiration for this came from a Tad & Dixie (from All My Children) wallpaper that a fan had made years ago. It showcased their kisses using two pieces of dialogue - one by Tad and one by Dixie. It looks way better and more professional than this one I made, but mine is special because it's GusH. Plus I love the simplicity of it.

The words 'Kiss me' are from Sixpence None The Richer's song of the same title. I wanted the font to be elegant. The words should be white and lovely in order to stand out on a collage.

I suppose I chose the best and my favorite kisses to feature. GusH's wedding kiss in the middle is the best, and the one beside it was their most recent kiss at the time. It's extremely difficult to have a favorite because GusH kiss so well and present great screencaps. Right now, in this moment, my favorites are the four on the sides (two on each side). On the left are two from February 2005. On the right are their 2003 engagement and 2004 Christmas kisses. All four are excellent to watch as well as gaze at.

All kisses are in the 2002-2006 range. If it wasn't for the Christmas Kiss, 2004 would not be represented because it was an ugly year.

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