A Wedding, A Marriage, An Anniversary

A milestone - five years ago Gus and Harley were married. Not only is it sad that they're not around anymore but also it's sad that they wouldn't be celebrating right now if they were. Even if Gus were alive, their marriage was still annulled or whatever. And they'd have a new anniversary. I always hoped they'd be unlike other couples by staying married for a good number of years. Their marriage only lasted for two.

I can't believe it's been so long since their wedding. Five years has gone by so fast.

Their wedding was beautiful, wasn't it? Beautifully simple. I think the best part was the vows. And that scene on the steps sipping champagne and talking name changing. So sweet!

I still hate that we didn't get a wedding night or a honeymoon. But oh well.

I'm thinking about and missing GusH on this day. I miss them a little every day. I will watch the wedding and episodes surrounding it later. I'm sure it'll be one big sob fest. Smiles, laughter, and sad tears. That's how it is watching the wedding nowadays.

Long live GusH.

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