The Wallbanger

The love scene in this wallpaper occurred on May 5, 2003. It is GusH's most famous one and the best love scene EVER. Any fan would say so. The fans dubbed it The Wallbanger because of how Gus slammed Harley against a wall to begin "doing it" downstairs. Seriously, The Wallbanger is Gus & Harley's hottest and longest love scene. The song "Insatiable" by Savage Garden's Darren Hayes played in the background. Just about the entire song played, and it's a long song I'd say. I wasn't making wallpapers when this scene aired, and since this one is so loved, I had to make one (or two) of it.

I wanted this to have a different layout and to show almost every picture I have from the scene. The order to the pictures is very unique. The four corners are first. Then move to the top, gaze across the middle, and finish at the bottom. I don't remember how I came up with that or how I thought to make some circular and the others wavy. I don't even know how I made the wavy ones. I think it's a terrific look, though.

I probably began with the corner pics and went from there. I'm wondering if I created the text last. Text is usually last. I think the font used is perfect for The Wallbanger. I can't say why. I like to call the love scene Insatiable Wallbanger sometimes because it's more of a proper title. The song is just as important as what happens in the scene. The dark pink background - I thought it was a good sexy color. All the pictures are sexy, so I can't choose a favorite. But the first two on the right are especially hot.

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