The Love Scenes

I was always a huge fan of Gus & Harley's love scenes because they have so much chemistry and passion and desire for each other. For a while there I wanted to make a wallpaper showcasing all their love scenes, and that's what this is.

I figure I started with the lines and center text. There is no better phrase than 'hot for each other' for a wallpaper like this. You can see that phrase it true in each picture. Their love scenes were always so hot because they really wanted each other bad.

The love scenes are in order, of course.

The first side:
May 2002 trip to Greece at Gus' place
May 2003 the "wallbanger" at their house
June 2005 on the soap opera beach set

The second side:
July 2005 celebration at their unfinished house
March 2006 reunion at their unfinished house
July 2006 hotel room hotness

I tried varying the shapes of the pictures, and some of them have the feather effect. Some are simply circular while others were cut out at whatever odd shape. The pictures had to be cropped because there's no way this wallpaper would look as great with the full pictures. The small lines, circles, and hearts with names were put in spaces that bothered me.

The best or my favorite picture? Well, I believe these are the best pictures of each love scene. To have a favorite is impossible.

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