A Rose

So, Harley attended the Spaulding Valentine’s Party. What a way to be there for your employees and show you can handle your job after losing the love of your life! She did day it’s all for Gus. Thinking of Gus at a stupid Spaulding party… sigh… And she looked so pretty in her very feminine, very Valentine’s, pink dress! But I’m not writing to discuss the party or her job…

Harley said goodbye to Gus in the simplest yet sweetest way – with a single red rose. It was the most lovely, beautiful moment at a party celebrating love’s holiday. She snuck away to be alone and think of Gus. It was the best gesture of love we could have asked for. I loved how she softly pressed the rose against her lips as if kissing Gus one last time. What made it so magical was the music; it provided a shimmery, luminous sound as she flung the rose away. And then she was sad, looking so alone and longing for Gus to be right by her side.

Saying goodbye to her true love was heartbreaking indeed; how could it not be? She was more in love with Gus than anyone else. He fulfilled her life in more ways than one. And now she thinks he’s gone…the fun, the love, the romance, and the happiness is gone from her life just like that. How very sweet but very tear-jerking to see Harley say farewell one last time when all she wants is him back or at least just one more moment with him. She misses him terribly; how can she move on from the beautiful love she had with Gus?

Oh, I await the day Gus comes back to Harley and her life is filled with joy and love again! It can’t come soon enough.

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