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Welcome to my GL blog everyone! As you can see, this is all about Harley Cooper and her relationships with Gus and Mallet. I like her with pretty much everybody, but these two guys are her most important relationships, at least where her love life is concerned.

I've been a GusH fan for the past four years. They're the best for many reasons, but mainly...he's her match! They were meant to be together.

I just became a Harlet fan last week. Can you believe that? I've hated Mallet since he returned to town, but last week I told myself to try to like him with Harley (long story for another post). And it worked! They pretty good together.

Now I like both pairs, and I'm here to express my views on them. And you'll also see some pictures, avatars, and other creative things. You'll also here about some of their best scenes and their history, with my commentary of course.

So hear me out and enjoy! Don't be afraid to share your own comments, whether you agree or disagree with me or even if you don't like the characters. Just don't bash the show or the actors please. :)

~ Kate
Keeper of Harley's love life

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