Love's Survival

Now I don't mean to be pessimistic or to choose one couple over the other, BUT...

Do Gus and Harley have a chance? Is there hope for them once he discovers her little fling with Mallet? Will they make it through this next obstacle?

Anything can happen...

What I'd love to see is Harley being completely honest with her husband. She doesn't have to tell him right away once he's back, but she'd have to eventually. It'd probably be best once he's better and out of the hospital. If he'd hear her out and try to understand the circumstances, I'm sure they would make it through. Gus might need a little time to digest everything and make sense of it all, but he'd come around. He would forgive his wife and maybe blame Mallet. GusH would be okay; they'd move forward and be happy again.

Here's the what will most likely happen: Harley will keep it a secret for as long as she can. She'll keep saying to Mallet, "Don't tell Gus. You can't tell Gus." And at some point someone will overhear them talking about that night they spent together. Gus could be the one that's overhears, which sounds disastrous. He'd probably get the wrong impression and have a blow-out fight with Harley. He'd fight with Mallet too; I can picture him punching Mallet for taking advantage of his girl. Gus simply wouldn't understand how they thought he was dead and she needed comforting. Harley did something unthinkable; how could Gus live with that? GusH would definitely be apart for a while; it could even lead to divorce.

Despite the two different scenarios, GusH could make it. They've been through so much already. Who says they can't get through this? Who says they can't move past her sleeping with Mallet? Gus and Harley truly belong together. It'll be rough, it'll be full of angst, it's a long road ahead... But Gus and Harley can get through this obstacle and come out tougher on the other side. Their love is the strongest I've ever seen. It's a powerful thing, and it can survive this.

GusH love lives forever!!!

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