Bad Timing

Let me start off by saying how the timing of Harlet getting together SUCKS!!

I mean, Harley does believes her husband is dead, but she JUST found out. Let her grieve before she hits the sack with her ex-husband! Sure, Gus has been missing for a month, and now they have evidence that "proves" he's dead, but she needs to be comforted by her family, NOT her ex-husband who still has feelings for her (and vice versa). I know, I know....Harley's track record for being majorly hurt involves her turning to alcohol and sex for comfort, but couldn't it have been different this time?

The Coopers usually band together when one of their own is hurt, but where were they this time? They weren't there for Harley as much as they should have been when Harley started believing her husband was gone. Instead she was forced to grieve by doing shots at Outskirts Bar, where she was so drunk that she almost left with a stranger who she thought was Gus. Then Mallet swooped right in and saved her. It's a relief that someone showed up, but what was Mallet doing there in the first place? We'll never know, but why did he take Harley to his hotel room rather than home to her family? Alcohol and sexy ex-husband = NO GOOD!

So, a shower miraculously sobered Harley up, and she was talking to Mallet all about Gus and how she thinks he's dead and has to move on. Saying how she still loves Gus and getting some comforting hugs from Mallet leads her to have sex with him. What the hell was she thinking? She knew it was Mallet, she was "sober"...but she was missing Gus and needing the love & safeness she felt from him. So Harley turned to Mallet, a man she still has feelings for. This could have huge consequences, especially since they think Gus is gone! They could end up back together, but wait! That can't happen because Harley is still married! Gus is alive and being held captive, and he'll somehow make his way back to her. Her and Mallet can't be together...oh if only they knew...

Mallet was once the love of Harley's life, and I'm sure a piece of Harley has never stopped loving him. They were great together; they had a huge love story. I believe they'd be together if Gus wasn't in the picture. But he still is...in two ways. We know he's still alive, and he'll reunite with Harley eventually. Harley believes he's dead, but she's still very much in love with him....she's not ready to move on yet. Now's not the time for Harley to be with Mallet. Her life with Gus still exists, and I await the day she founds out he's still alive.

As much as I really enjoy Mallet and Harley, it's just bad timing with Gus still very much in the picture. I loved the Harlet comfort sex (as I call it), but it should have been put off until a time when it's just them....all about them and their relationship.

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