A Valentine's to Remember

How wonderful that GusH was acknowledged on Valentine's Day! They've had good memories on Valentine's. And this year was the best I could ever ask for with them being apart the way they are.

Harley spent time at her house while remembering her husband. It's great to see that her under-construction house with Gus still exists. I was very happy and plesently surprised to see Gus with Harley through the whole show, even if it was only in her mind. And there were candles everywhere, music, a fire, flowers...all very romantic.

But it was also quite sad... Harley finally shead some tears as she had it out with Imaginary Gus. It was easy to see how much she loves and misses him. She spilled her heart out to Imaginary Gus, which was the saddest thing of all. It was something us fans have been needing to see, but it broke our hearts. It's depressing to see my Harley sad. It was sweet to see Imaginary Gus comfort her the best way he could - simply by talking to her and being close to her.

Everything else was just fun and so GusH. They laughed together, Gus "helped" her build a fire, they danced... It was so romantic, and it felt normal and comforting to see them together even though it wasn't real. It seemed like closure for Harley. All she really needed was to be with Gus one last time; she kind of got that even though it was only in her mind. All she wants is to have one more moment with Gus, so it was sad when he finally left her. She's still all alone, and she's realized that she won't get that last moment with him.

It was a loving celebration but just so sad. All the scenes were so great; it was a lovely Valentine's for Harley. The best parts were GusH being together, in some form or another, and the real Gus calling out his wife's name, knowing it's Valentine's. The saddest part was, obviously, GusH being apart on Valentine's Day - the day where we could see them romancing each other. But as sad as that is, what's even sadder is Harley thinking her Gus is dead and she'll never have another moment with him.

Oh, just wait till Harley finds out Gus is alive! It'll be the best, most emotional thing in the world when they are finally together again.

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