A Chance?

A mystery. A mystery among many. Only the powers that be could have the answer.

What is the future of Harlet? Does anyone really know? Do they have one at all?

Harley will always be in love with Gus. She has moved on with her life. And Gus will come back to her. He'll never let her go. Mallet is with Dinah; they really like each other. Their relationship could turn into something serious and special. BUT, Harley and Mallet still have feelings for one another; there is still love between them. They were once married and thought they'd always be together. It's not easy to get over a love like that.

So...Harlet together again? Is it possible?

Well, anything's possible. But it could take a while for Harlet to be a couple again, and I mean a WHILE. Sure, they could have a fling somewhere between GusH being apart and being together. But a real relationship where they're trying to make it as a couple and Gus and Dinah are not an major factor... Who knows?

I believe somewhere down the road they'll be together. There is a future for them. When they're still in love, how could there not be? Their relationship won't be the same, though. They've both changed since they ended their marriage, which was about nine or ten years ago. They've grown up and moved on to greater things & other people (at least Harley has). It is said that change is good. So maybe Harlet's prospective new relationship will be something great. They could be a success again.

No one knows what lies in their path or what obstacles are coming their way. They could be together again, but we'll just have to wait and see. For those that want them together, patience is obviously key. Good luck, fellow Harleteers!

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