Gus AND Mallet??

What if Harley could have BOTH men? Yes, it's impossible....her kids would be confused, both guys would be jealous, she could get pregnant, and there's too many serious emotions involved, but what if it actually could happen?

First of all...Harley and Gus could not be married. It just wouldn't be right. Her being with her husband one second and then going off with her lover the next? It'd be considered adulterous, which sounds like it would be too complicated.

Next...don't think of Dinah, her kids, her family, or anybody's true feelings with this. Just think of it as something fun!

Harley's sex life would be off the charts, for one thing. She’d be a very satisfied woman, getting the best of both guys, LOL!

I picture her seeing Mallet one minute and then Gus the next (or vice versa). She'd be dating and sleeping with both guys. I think she'd still live in the Spaulding Mansion since she's currently CEO of SE. I picture the living situations being the same...…Harley and Gus living together and Mallet residing at The Beacon. I'm thinking of Gus and Mallet being fine with Harley seeing them at the same time. I'm not thinking threesome; that's not right for any of them. Just imagine Harley having a good time with Gus and then leaving to go have a good time with Mallet. There could be romance; there could be hot kinky sex. Whatever Harley likes to do with Gus, and whatever she likes to do with Mallet.

Harley gets to be with BOTH guys; how fun (or weird) can that be? Lets see...…


Harley and Gus get into Gus's car after having a romantic dinner at Towers.

H: You're the best, Gus.
She leans across to kiss his cheek.

G: Why?

H: For taking me out to dinner and ordering champagne and sharing your dessert with me.

G: Anything for my girl.
They both smile.

H: Where are you taking me now?

G: Mm...where do you think?
He arches his eyebrows at her with a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

Harley smiles seductively.
H: Gus...sounds like dinner was just a way to get me into bed.

G: Oh, you think so? Well, perhaps I was only showing you a good time and proving what a gentleman I am.

H: Yeah right.

They head back to the Spaulding Mansion and make their way up to their bedroom. After closing the door, Gus picks her up and carried her to the bed. He sits down with her in his lap, holding her firmly. She wraps her arms around his neck and smiles.

H: I love being with you. You're so romantic. And fun.
She kisses his cheek and lips softly.

G: Harley, I feel the same way. You ready for some more fun, babe?
He leans in and kisses her neck hungrily.

H: Mmm! Always!

They fall back on the bed and end up making sweet monkey love. During the afterglow, after catching their breath, Harley lies in Gus's arms.

H: You're so amazing, sweetie. And this proves it: You were so trying to get me into bed. That was your goal.

G: Harley... I'm not admitting to anything. Just...maybe. But you were very willing to go to bed.
They both laugh sexily.

H: I have every reason to be willing.
She stretches, sighs, and snuggles up to Gus.
H: What time is it?

Gus glances at the bedside clock.
G: Not very late. Don't tell me you have to leave already.

H: I think I do. I promised Mallet I'd see him tonight.

G: When you saw him earlier today?

H: Yeah. I should really head over there before I start falling asleep.

She gives Gus a quick kiss, and he watches as she gets out of bed and dresses. When ready to leave, she kisses Gus goodbye.

H: I'll come back, you know.

G: Wake me up when you get back, ok? And have fun with Mallet, but not too much.

Harley smiles and kisses him again. She heads to the door and turns back.
H: Love you.

G: Love you, too, Coop.

After arriving at Mallet's Beacon suite...

H: Hey, you!
She greets him with a passionate kiss.

M: Hey to you too. I was wondering when you'd show up. I've been waiting.

H: Sorry. I told you Gus and I had a date tonight, and then we spent time together at home.

M: How was your date?

H: Very nice. Very romantic.
She gives him a full kiss and sits on the bed.

He sits down next to her.
M: I missed you, Harley.

Harley smiles sweetly and kisses him again.
H: I had fun with Gus, but I did kinda miss you.

M: Kinda?

Harley smiles.
H: Yeah...kinda.

M: Well we're together now. And we're still on for our date tomorrow night?

H: Yes! I can't wait!

M: Will you spend the night?

H: I don't know, Mallet. Maybe.

M: I know you hate leaving Gus alone at night, but I'm alone too.

H: I know. I'm doing my best. If only I could be at two places at once, right?

Mallet grins.
M: Don't worry about it. It's been working out okay.

Harley grins back and leans on his shoulder.
H: So, I'm here. What do you want to do?

M: Ha, ha! What do you think I want to do?

H: Mmm! I think I know. And I have a suggestion...how about a hot shower together?

Mallet kisses her fiercely, and their clothes come off in a frenzy as they make their way into the bathroom. The shower of course leads to steamier things, and afterwards, they lie on the bed in robes wrapped in each other's arms.

H: Mallet...I love showering with you. You're so good.

Mallet smiles, and they lie together peacefully for a while.

M (softly): Can you stay the night?

H: That'd be nice, but I told Gus I was coming back.

M: I wish we could be together longer tonight.

H: I know. Tomorrow, okay? Definitely tomorrow!

Mallet nuzzles her neck.
M: I can't wait.

A little while later Harley prepares to leave.

M: Wish you could stay.

H: Mallet... I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
She kisses him; he tries to deepen, but she pulls away, smiling.

M: Think about me. Sleep tight with Gus. I know he'll keep you safe and warm.

H: You're so sweet.
She heads to the door and turns.

M: Love you, Cooper.

H: Love you, too.


Weird, eh? If there weren't emotions involved, it could totally happen. Harley does love both men, but this is the real world...she can only be with one guy (thanks to our monogamous society).

What do you think, though? Pretty interesting her having both guys, huh? Aynthing's possible in our imaginative minds. :)

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