Sweet Moment

Yes, Harley was at the Spaulding party because of Gus, and yes, she was thinking of Gus the whole time. Yes, Mallet was there with Dinah, and yes he only asked Harley to dance because Dinah told him to. But they danced! And it was very sweet! So, it wasn't a romantic dance nor were they dancing very close. But they danced!

I've never seen them dance, so of course I'm kinda freaking out. They didn't dance for long, but it was still so sweet. Both of them were dressed up, looking very fine. They held onto each other, and their hands came together. They kept smiling and made small talk. It was nice. They seem to be good friends, but on the inside they both know they could be more.

Harley said he doesn't dance, but he danced just fine. She probably brought out the good dancing in him. And they both agreed she could use a crutch, but deep down what they might need is each other. They could realize that one of these days. Mallet practically confessed his love for her (again) when she commented on how he's always been there for her. Mallet: "Well, that's what we do for the people we love." It may have come out wrong, but I'm that's how he feels. Aww!

Like I said, Gus was on Harley's mind, not Mallet. So, naturally the dance didn't last long. It was a short but sweet moment. I think they felt the chemistry between them with that dance and throughout their entire time at the party. I mean, how about when Harley showed up in her pretty, slinky, pink dress? Mallet had the hugest smile on his face, and I'm sure part it was due to how sexy she looked.

Simple, seemingly meaningless time between Harlet, but their feelings were there. They kept the love and infatuation buried, but it was there. Any Harlet fan could see it.

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