Lets talk about emotions. Not yours. Not mine.

Harley's! Or lack thereof.

Where is Harley's emotions during this whole Gus-is-missing, Gus-is-dead story? Yes, we've seen her worried about him and how she'll tell her kids the news, but that's about it. There are only two episodes I remember where Harley showed how sad, lonely, and upset she's been without Gus. One of those was her first days without him when he was only missing. The other time was when she got the evidence "proving" Gus dead. And that's it! How could she not have been distraught every day alone, wondering where he is and if he's coming back? I understand Harley wanting to keep her emotions in check for her kids and not wanting to seem weak, but come on!! Gus is her husband, her true love! How can she not be depressed? How come she hasn't broken down yet?

When Harley finally believed that Gus is gone, she grieved by getting drunk. Yeah, getting drunk, almost hooking up with some guy, totally NOT sobbing (not so much as one tear), and seeking comfort in Mallet's arms. And now she has accepted that Gus is dead, is trying to move on, and is so not grieving anymore. What the hell? This is Gus she lost, right? Gus - husband, soulmate, the man she has loved for the past FOUR years! Gus - the man who has been loyal and devoted ONLY to her! He's never even looked at another woman, he'd do anything for her, and he literally cannot live without her. Harley claims to love him as much as he loves her (and I'm sure she does), but where's the grieving? Where's the emotion?

I'm sure it's ultimately the writers fault for Harley's lack of emotion and that Beth Ehlers is doing her very best with everything she's given.

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