Tough Year

Now we have a more serious 2004 collage. To out it simply, it wasn't the best of times. So, the drabby grey color touches on the bad parts, and the blue color brightens it up a bit without overdoing it. There were some happy moments throughout the year, which are shown in the collage. It wasn't a completely depressing year, and it isn't their worst year. (That would be 2007.)

Having said that, 2004 was a good tearjerker. It's the "year of trust & rough spots" because GusH went through a VERY heavy ordeal. They finally went through something internal (if you will) that ultimately broke them up. And they were apart for a good couple of months. It was a terribly heartbreaking break-up in the summer, and the rest of the year they missed each other. Though, when Christmas came around, they inched closer to reuniting. So, there were MAJOR rough spots. And the whole "internal" problem revolved around trust. Harley couldn't trust Gus anymore. Very sad!

In this wallpaper I wanted to show the two major holiday moments - the Thanksgiving dance (bottom right corner) and Christmas kiss (the only one where they're kissing). Besides them, it was important to show other sweet moments while they were still together. The two photos that represent the rough spots are the wedding shot and the one on the left where their foreheads are together, fresh from a kiss. It was on their (non)wedding day that they had the huge break-up fight. And the second pic happened just days after they broke up; they sorta almost reunited. Thus, we've got romance and tough times for this year.

My two favorite pictures:
1) The Christmas kiss - LOVE IT! It was the longest kiss EVER! I'm not kidding.
2) The bottom left corner where he's resting his head on her - VERY NICE! She sat in his lap, and at the end of the scene she told him how she'd woo him. Yum!

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