The Perfect Year

Now we have 2005, which was a wonderful yet hectic year for Gus & Harley. It's one of my favorite years, making it the perfect year to me. Sooooo much happened, and that explains the colorful, patterned background. I chose pink for the painted line because it's such a pretty color, suited for all the "pretty" moments of the year.

2005 is the "year of true love" because with everything that happened to GusH I saw just how in love they were. Starting with their initial story - Harley going to trial for "murdering" Phillip - I witnessed the powerful love between these two people. They toyed around with getting back together, but you could see the love in their eyes. It was magic. And when they finally were a couple again, it was everything fans wanted. Gus and Harley were pure brilliance and true love.

Like I already said, A LOT happened during this year. And this wallpaper attempts to highlight some very happy times. There were moments here and there during Harley's trial. They had good times when they went on the run to New York City, one of which is when they made love for the 1st time in almost a year. They got engaged again and were finally married. And another happy time was when they returned from their honeymoon. You could tell they were newlyweds; they were eager for more alone time, hehe.

The sad photo of this wallpaper was during the trial. You can tell it's sad because of Harley's face. Had to put it in here to represent the seriousness of the trial, and it was a moment to remember. They hid away under a desk/table to pretend there was no time and no one could find them. The funny photo next to the sad one is when they "toured" around NYC. It was a very cool montage of them walking everywhere, and in this moment he was rubbing her foot but then pretended that it stunk. LOL! Gus - so funny!

My two favorite pictures (even though I really do like them all):
1) The top right corner where they're kissing with his hand on her neck - they weren't really back together but that was one hot kiss.
2) The top left corner where they're kissing in bed - FREAKIN' HOT! Gus is hot!

I did make a 2006 wallpaper, but it's depressing. It's not one to write about. But you can check it out here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v714/kateh8/GusH/2006collagecopy.jpg

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