Love, Love, and More Love

I am very proud of this wallpaper because I just think it is so clever & creative. I'm so in love with it! I came up with this one because of that kissing picture. It was ALL about that one picture because it was new at the time. It's from the fall of 2006 when Harley was still CEO of Spaulding Enterprises (not for much longer, though). Also at the time, there were not many kissing scenes. It was kind of a GusH drought period. So, when this long, deep kiss occurred, I had to do something with it.

I believe I placed the picture first. I just wanted one huge photo because it was just one little scene. One was all that was needed. I know I didn't want it to take up the whole canvas. So, I created that big heart beside it. I wanted it red, which is to me the color of love. And I wanted a very light-colored background. The "Gus & Harley" text is black to contrast with the other brighter colors going on. And I added some effects to the heart - the white outline and the way it kinda jumps off the page. It's a lovely heart for an in-love couple that was GusH.

Somehow I came up with the brilliant idea to put the word "love" everywhere. Genius, in my opinion. Either I thought that up or I started with one "love" and the rest just followed. And as you can see, I used different colors and fonts. I know I used the aquamarine-blue twice. Didn't notice that till the wallpaper was finished. I didn't want the "love"s to cover Gus & Harley. I wanted them to fill the background and some spaces around & in the heart. The two stars are there to take up space that bothered me, lol. Those two background spaces needed to be filled. And I also didn't want the "love"s too close together. I think they cover the wallpaper beautifully, affirming the love between Gus & Harley.

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