Reunion Love Scene

This goes with the previous wallpaper. There was a beautiful, passionate love scene during the second reunion episode. And after that, of course, there was a sweet afterglow. Love scenes are important to us fans, so I had to create this wallpaper.

After an emotional roller coaster, Gus & Harley rediscovered each other & reaffirmed their love. It was what we fans hoped to see. It cemented the reunion, meaning it made the reunion more official to me. They were completely back together for good. Nothing would tear them apart again (or so they thought at the time).

I had a set of pictures from the love scene. So, I used what I thought were the best pics. My two personal favorite moments are her kissing the back of his neck and him unhooking her bra. Both are just so damn sexy! It was a very soft, loving, and slow lovemaking. Simply fabulous!

I did a little experimenting with the background. I wanted to "make" my own background. I chose the colors gray and light pink to match Gus's sweat jacket and Harley's bra. I think I began with the thin pink light around the edge of the canvas, and then I filled the background with the gray. And I drew lines of pink. Without even realizing it, I created a checkered pattern. Seriously, I didn't even know I was doing that until it was almost finished. I didn't intend to make that pattern. It just came out of me somehow. And I don't really like it 'cause it'd not perfect. But oh well.

The most beautiful song played during this love scene - "There You Are" by Martina McBride - Gus & Harley's wedding song. I was so pleased yet a bit surprised that GL's powers-that-be remembered their wedding song. It matched the pace of this love scene magnificently. And so, I wanted to put a bit of the song in this wallpaper. I wracked my brain trying to find the lyric that fit best. What I've chosen symbolizes Harley searching for Gus, and she found him at night.

And finally, for some reason I wanted a black box for the bottom text. I know I didn't want the text to be just sitting out there like the song lyrics. I wanted it to be in some sort of shape to make it stand out. I think black fit the best with the light background colors. So, we've got white on black to remember when this love scene occurred.

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