Romantic Year

Here is the 2002 collage, number two in the series. I skipped 2001 because, like I said in the previous entry, I hardly have any pictures from that year. I certainly don't have enough for a collage to represent the whole year. So, here we have lovely 2002.

I picked a multicolor background because multiple things happened to GusH that year. And somehow I decided to paint a black line to go around the actual collage. That's something I did with the rest of the series, and I have realized that those lines aren't necessary. They're just crooked lines that make the whole thing look a bit sloppy, in my opinion. They make the pictures not line up right together. But what's done is done, and I might make more year-by-year collages in the future without the lines/borders.

I've also come up with phrases to sum up each year. I think 2001 might be "A year of hatred and work" or something like that to reflect on how they were forced to work together and they hated each other. Or something to point out that it was the year they first met. Once 2002 came, the hatred vanished and true feelings shined through.

2002 is the "year of new romance" because it was the beginning of the year that they got together romantically, and they became a couple. They went through so many romantic milestones - first official date, first Valentine's, first time (sexually), moving in together, first time saying "I love you", etc. It was a huge year for them! And it was a happy, exciting year for their fans. Those early days were really their golden days - the days before they had any serious problems. Of course, later in the year they battled people who were against them, but they pulled through stronger than ever.

Obviously, we don't need to do tallies anymore. So, here are my two favorite pictures right now:
1) The top right-corner one from the "living in sin" scene - so sweet!
2) The one right next to my 1st favorite where he's cupping her face & kissing her cheek - very hot!

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