GusH Celebration

This is the first in a series of collages. I didn't intend to create a series; it just happened. And I'm glad it did. It all started with this, which is a simple collage of Gus and Harley's years together from 2002 to the beginning of 2006.

I have always wanted to create a collage. None of my previous wallpapers would be considered collages, but most of my subsequent ones definitely are. It was 2006 in the time of Gus being gone and presumed dead that I created this. With there being a terrible absence of GusH I wanted a wallpaper of them through the years.

I kept the background white and painted a fat red line to serve as a border around the pictures. The pics overlap one another a little. You'll see in the next collages that I did away with overlapping; my perfection set in. As I placed each picture, there left a small space. Somehow I thought up the phrase, "A Celebration of Gus & Harley". Very sweet little phrase, I think.

Now about the photos... 2001 isn't represented because I hardly have any pictures from that year. So, it's skipped. And there wasn't much GusH romance during that year anyway. 2006 is represented by just one photo from Harley imagining Gus (the one where her eyes are closed, and Gus is touching her chin). I think it was suppose to serve as hope for a GusH reunion, sooner rather than later. As for the others, there is a touch of everything, mainly love. There's romance, joy, sex, wedding, fun, and a tiny bit of seriousness with the bottom left-corner photo. And of course you'll notice all the kissing, which is something that Gus & Harley do best.

How about we take a tally of the years from most to least?
2005 - Five
2002 - Three
2003 - Three
2004 - One
2006 - One

I personally believe that 2005 and 2002 are the best years of Gus & Harley's life together. 2003 is a close third. So, I think that explains the tally. 2004 was a bad year with a bad break-up, and 2006 was just starting.

I'll pick two favorite photos even though I love them all:
1) From the Fall of 2005, the one where they're in bed with the green blankets - too funny!
2) From July 2005, the top left-corner where she's in his arms - such a happy moment!

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