A "Quickie"

Oh, what a hot one this is!

This hotness is of a very unexpected love scene from July 2006. NO ONE saw this coming! What happened to GusH during this episode was the discussion of working together as detectives again. They were at Company for a while, and then they bickered in their hotel room. Very funny stuff! And the scene before their lovemaking, Harley said, "You know what's a mystery to me? How it is after all this time...I just want you more and more." Then there was kissing. This episode had a closing montage of everyone, and to our sweet surprise we got this quick hot sex scene. The word "wow" is the only way to describe it besides "hot". So, of course I had to create a wallpaper of this because I LOVE the love scenes!

I had a set of pictures to work with, and since it was a short scene, I didn't have too many to use. I pretty much displayed the whole sequence in two rows. They all flow together almost seamlessly. I wanted them to be side by side like they are. There's a collage-effect to it.

Each picture is 100% steamy! My two favorites are the top left corner one and the one below that - the two steamiest moments, in my opinion. That first one is the very beginning of the scene, and it's the hottest embrace I've ever seen. The second one is when his hand is sliding down her back to her hip - wow!

The background is red because it suits the hot sex in the pictures. So does the black of the two lines, which are there to fill space. I chose a pale pink color for the text since the red is so dark. And I made the text huge because I really wanted it to stand out. I call this the "hot mini love scene" because of how short it was (about 20 seconds). Way too short but SO FREAKIN' HOT!

Also, there was a song playing during the entire closing montage. It was "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray. But it totally doesn't fit the love scene or GusH at all.

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