Glorious Reunion

This was the big payoff we fans were waiting for during the whole Gus-being-presumed-dead story. Practically THREE WHOLE MONTHS of Gus and Harley apart, and then Harley finally found Gus. And the scenes displayed in this wallpaper occurred. It was a beautiful reunion, and it lasted two whole episodes. So, I had a good bit to cover. There's a variety of pictures to represent all that went down between them.

On the left side, the hug shows they're glad to have one another back. And I think it occurred after they hashed out some of what they went through without each other. Next to that one they're gazing into each other's eyes as they're about to make love. To the right of that one is pretty much the moment when Harley found Gus (at an asylum where Alan was hiding him). The bottom left is the wonderful kissing before their love scene. The bottom center is when they almost made love but were interrupted. Next to that one shows Harley supporting Gus as he explained his ordeal. And the lovely middle photo is from their afterglow. Lots of pivotal moments!

As you can tell, this is another collage. I wanted the pictures to take over almost the entire wallpaper. I didn't want a background. Together, the pics make up a brown color/glow. Also, I created this wallpaper shortly after these episodes aired. And I had to make this because it's such a monumental part of GusH's history. I left an empty square for the text. I wanted it to say what this collage is of & when it occurred. I chose a navy blue & a pale yellow because they go together nicely, and to me they symbolize nighttime, which is when this reunion took place.

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