Beautiful Year

Here we have the year 2003 with a blue background and a sea green color. I believe I chose those colors because they are really calm, peaceful, and in a sense elegant. They go along with the loving theme I attempted to display, I think.

2003 is the "year of beautiful love" because they were committed and pretty much cemented to each other through the whole year. They never broke up. They stood by each other's side. They said "I love you" a lot throughout the year and had a bunch of loving moments. Although they did have some arguments or rifts here and there, they were together THE ENTIRE YEAR. And that says something, in my opinion.

One thing it says is that it was a great year. Let's recap: they discovered who Gus's real parents are, Harley was in the hospital after being shot with Gus always being by her side, they had the hottest love scene in the history of love scenes, they became engaged, they kinda solved a case together during the summer, they worked against and with one another on a case with a side-bet, and they had some romance at the Springfield Inn. It was all good stuff! And it was a year of endearing love.

My two favorite pictures are:
1) The top right corner where they're gazing at her engagement ring - such a romantic time, them getting engaged at home.
2) The one in the dark where they have their shirts off against the wall - HOT LOVE SCENE titled The Wallbanger.

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