And Now The Vows

Here's another wedding wallpaper, featuring the vows. I used two pictures from the ceremony and my two favorite pictures from their moment on the staircase. I wanted to jazz the wallpaper up with the staircase pictures having unique effects and the ceremony pictures being rotated a bit. I think they all look amazing.

I chose pink for the background because it's so romantic; it goes with the white text. I wanted some flower shapes in there for decoration, and that light green/aquamarine is just so pretty. All three colors (pink, aquamarine, & white) go together so perfectly, I think.

The best part of this wallpaper is, of course, the vows. They are SO beautiful! They're the best vows I've ever heard on daytime TV. I picked out the sweetest part of Harley's vows and Gus's vows. I believe you can figure out whose is whose. Allow me to share their lovely vows verbatim:

Harley: I think you'll like them much more this time. Gus, are we really here? I would ask you to pinch me, but if it's a dream, I don't want to wake up. I want to stay in this dream forever because it almost didn't happen. You made a mistake, and then I made one, too, and I couldn't forgive you because I became afraid. I was afraid because I still loved you with all my heart. And in the past love has hurt me. I'm not afraid anymore because I am ready to spend the rest of my life with the most wonderful man in the world. I love the way you look at me, like right now, like there's nobody else in this room. We've been together a long time, and still when you look at me like that, my heart... thank you, for opening your heart to me and my children. Thank you for loving my children. That is the sign of a real man. I couldn't love anybody the way I love you. You kept me calm when I was frightened and alone, and so now, here in front of god and all these beautiful and handsome people, I, Harley Cooper, promise you, Gus Aitoro, that I will love you more and more with every passing day, through the joy and adversity that life throws our way. I will support you and encourage you and believe in you the way that you have believed in me for the rest of our lives.

Gus: Well, you make it sound like a big deal that I stuck by your side this whole past year, and the truth of the matter is I didn't really have a choice. You're it. You're it for me, end of story. That smile-- I mean, how could that not hook a guy forever, and just never let him go? And then you introduced your crazy family into the picture-- sorry frank-- and your kids. I also know that everything good that has happened to me is because of you, and anything bad is just part of the price that had to be paid to be able to be here right now at this moment so that I could say to you in front of god and all these... these people and witnesses that I want to thank you, because I feel blessed and I feel honored that you said yes and that you would be mine. And I promise you that I will love you each and every single day, no matter what joy or adversity is thrown our way, that I will encourage you and I will love you and I will support you and I'll believe in you just the way that you believed in me, every single day. And I will take care of you and our children. But most importantly, I'm just going... going to be grateful for you every day for the rest of our lives. Okay.

That's some good, romantic GusH right there that I'll miss forever.

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