Still Honeymooning

Like I've said in a previous entry, Gus & Harley honeymooned in Greece for about three LONG weeks. And we didn't see ANY of it (still ticked off about that). So, of course, when they returned, it was exciting for us fans.

They came back a day early and didn't want anyone to know they were back. They wanted to continue honeymooning. Well, they found Coop passed out, so they had to help him. And they went to Company and reunited with Zach, Jude, Buzz, and Frank. They were working on a huge Welcome Home banner. GusH had gift bags of who-knows-what for the boys. Gus tried to explain what all they did in Greece. For the most part they did some "unmentionables" and spent a lot of time together, hehe.

Gus had to head to Spaulding Enterprises for some stuff (he expected to be the new CEO), and Harley ended up following him. The honeymoon was definitely NOT over for them, and they had sex on the conference table in the boardroom. How hot is that? And later they were kissing in the hallway, and Gus pulled her to the floor. Oh, I just love that they were still honeymooning; I bet they had a damn sexy time in Greece.

So, since Gus & Harley were gone so long, I wanted to make a wallpaper focused on their return. I used the best pictures...One of them kissing when they had just gotten back, one of them at Company, and three from their SE romping. The two kissing pictures are my favorite. In the top corner she has her arms so tightly around him, and you can't even see their mouths. But you know they're so into kissing each other. In the bottom corner they're holding hands, and I love it when they hold hands like that. They're so passionate for each other.

I rotated two pictures for effect, but when I rotate and drag the picture into the wallpaper, more than the picture is dragged. I have to fill in the rest of the space. Purple didn't look right for that space, so I used the blue to go with the lines.

And about the lines... I wanted to do something different, so I ended up drawing a big "X". I chose purple for the background because I had never used purple before. The green heart is to fill up the hole of the "X" intersection. I made the heart and text a bright neon green because it goes with the purple. Not sure why I made the "X" blue; it's not very easy on the eyes. And I could have filled in the "X", but it is what it is.

All in all, I think it's a pretty cool-looking wallpaper.

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