That's The Beauty...

This wallpaper showcases Gus & Harley's second love scene in 2005. This was after their on-the-run story, and Harley regained her freedom. Their new house had been in the works for a couple months. Still unfinished, Gus took her there for a night of romance. After some uninvited guests left, they were alone. And this love scene was smoking hot! They didn't have to be slow this time. Actually, they were on the slow side, but there was such a hot, sexy feel to it. So, of course another love scene means another wallpaper.

I made a collage here with all the pictures I had to work with. And they're in order. But unfortunately, there's more to the love scene that wasn't captured. Harley ran her hand up his back, Gus kissed down the side of her body, her foot was rubbing his leg, and more. There was a good amount of skin in this scene, hehe.

I made the background black and the main text red to convey the hotness of the scene. Black with red is a sexy color combination. The pink text is the song used in the scene - "The Beauty of Who You Are" by Marc Broussard. It is such a sexy song; it's got a seductive beat to it. Thus, it (and the candles) set the whole tone of the lovemaking.

I don't know what was going through my mind in terms of how to position the pictures. All I know is I wanted a collage feel to it, so I had them be connected and not hugging the corners. But it does have a tiny sloppy look to it, I think. Still looks great, though.

It was one hot love scene that was over too soon.


  1. That is just the best scene ever, isn't it? I'll never forget it. I've said it before, but I'm sure they were both loving thier jobs that day!

  2. Oh, yeah, this is one great love scene! Love it! How could they not love their jobs that day? LOL!