Wedding Invite

Us fans had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Gus & Harley to marry. So we were completely ecstatic when an invitation and a photo was released (somewhere on the internet). An invite like that definitely means that there will be a wedding, that they will get married. I just HAD to make a wallpaper, especially since we were still weeks away from the wedding. Might have been close to a month away. And it was agonizing to wait since we knew when the big day was and what GusH would wear.

Thus, we have a very simple wallpaper here. I wanted to be able to gaze at the invite and the photo at the same time. The pink background and heart matches the roses in the invitation. The text had to be white because that color screams 'wedding'. Now, one flaw I've found is that I wrote "almost here". I put "almost" because the event was still weeks away, but the invitation is saying that it's HERE. Their wedding is finally HERE. So, the word "almost" could be omitted, but it is what it is. Gotta deal with it.

Aren't the photo and invitation lovely? Gus & Harley look beautiful, gorgeous! Good colors for a summer wedding, and I love the daisies. And Harley's hair is perfect. They both look the way I hoped they would for their wedding. The invitation is SO beautiful and elegant. Love the font! Both pictures had me excited for my couple. It was a day we fans would always remember...

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