This wallpaper shows the scene AFTER the July 05 love scene. It's a very significant scene because they got engaged again, and it was such a loving scene. They talked about how things are better when they're together, how he always had her engagement ring with him when he didn't have a place to live, and how they want to be married more than anything else. And she always had his mom's ring with her (it was a "training" ring before they were engaged). They sealed their re-engagement with a kiss, and I'm sure they made love again.

So,of course I had to make a beautiful wallpaper in celebration of their engagement! I chose the pictures of Gus sliding the ring back on her finger and the kisses they shared afterwards. It was good kissing. And she had his tie around her neck...love that! The wavy lines and hearts are for nice decoration. And the colors...pink is a lovely romantic color, and black matches pink (or vice versa).

I don't remember how I decided to arrange the pictures so that one is in the middle like that. I think it's a pretty cool look; no other wallpaper has that arrangement. The text in the middle photo had to be that because that's what the wallpaper is all about. And yes, you'll notice how everything isn't quite centered. Everything is closer to the right side, which is something I didn't see until it was too late. That's just something else we'll all have to deal with and ignore.

Just focus on the beauty that is Gus & Harley. :)

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