Here is another one made in anticipation for their wedding. I wanted to make a simple wallpaper using just that photo (minus the invitation of course).

I chose the blue flower background because those flowers look like daisies. The box is yellow because it matches the daisies in the photo and goes well with the background. And of course the blue text matches the background and also Gus's shirt. The font had to be beautiful and fancy because the occasion is a WEDDING.

I like the size of the photo. I didn't want it to take up much space because I wanted the background to surround it. And I think this wallpaper is gorgeous because of its simplicity. It's not crowded. And it couldn't be because that picture was the only one to use.

This wallpaper provided more excitement for GusH's wedding. Wallpaper-makers had visions of more wedding wallpapers in their heads, and all fans imagined what the wedding would be like.

Stay tuned for MORE wedding wallpapers. I made quite a few.

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