This is the wedding collage, featuring all the good stuff from Gus & Harley's wedding. It was damn good wedding. It was everything I had hoped it would be. It was perfect. It was a simple outdoor ceremony & reception.

Taking place at Company Restaurant's courtyard, Harley walked down the aisle with her father, Buzz, and her sons, Zach and Jude. Greek music played for her bridesmaids, but she had to walk to the country beat of Lonestar's version of "Only You". I didn't like that because it was too country; it should have been the original version by the Platters. Ross Marler married them, and their vows were very romantic. In fact, the actors, Ricky & Beth, helped write them. They held hands and exchanged rings. The moment for kissing the bride was so wonderful because Gus dipped her and planted and long, lingering one on her.

The reception wasn't much. They had a few little moments together; one was on the staircase. They talked about how her name wouldn't change and her ring would be glued to her so it would never come off. And they kissed and sipped champagne. So cute! We didn't see much of their first dance, but what was saw was beautiful (more on that with the next wallpaper). We didn't see them share cake, and I think she threw the bouquet. There was also a family dance to "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge.

Gus and Harley left in a hurry because they had a plane to catch. I'm so happy they went to Greece because Harley is part Greek and she had always wanted to go there. They were so excited for their honeymoon. They honeymooned for about three weeks, and it sounded like a VERY GOOD time, if you know what I mean.

I had many pictures to work with for this wallpaper. I chose the best ones to represent the entire wedding. We got one of them with Ross, two for the ring exchange, one of the dipped kiss, two of their dance, and two from that moment on the steps. I don't recall how I decided to place them where they are.

The background is suppose to be daisies, but I know they're not. At least I don't think they are. The important thing is that they're YELLOW. The purple lines are for decoration; they're suppose to be streamers. The purple circle... I had to put their names and wedding date, and it had to be a romantic-looking font. I chose purple for the lines and circle because it matches yellow so nicely.

It's hard to select a favorite picture. They're the best pictures of the wedding. So I can't have a favorite. I shouldn't have a favorite.

This wedding is bittersweet because we fans had been waiting a couple years for it and GusH were only married two years. It was the happiest time of their life together.

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