Wedding Dance

I wanted to make a simpler wedding wallpaper using a few lyrics from their wedding song, and here it is.

The song is "There You Are" by Martina McBride. I wasn't happy with it at first because it was another country song (the first being Lonestar's "Only You"). Since when do GusH like country music? Not that I know what kind of music they like, but I didn't think they liked country. However, having listened to it many times and payed attention to the lyrics, it's the perfect song. Gus has always been there for Harley, more so than Harley for Gus I think. The song works, and it's really beautiful. Too bad we didn't get to see their entire dance.

Gus is definitely Harley's angel, always guarding & protecting her. So it made sense to use that lyric with "there you are". And again I put their names and their wedding date. All the yellow text, of course, is to match the daisies. I chose a white background because white signifies wedding. The pink flowers are just pretty decoration for opposite corners. All the colors used are lovely together.

I chose the three most romantic photos from the wedding. The first one is the best professional shot there is; GusH look so cute. In it they're at an angle, not standing straight. So, because of that, I rotated the photo a little bit. The second picture is of course their kiss during the ceremony. The third one is when they are dancing. Those two moments out of the entire wedding episode were the most special. They're great at kissing, and they dance so well together. It was the most important dance of their life.

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