From Work To...You Know

In October 2005 Gus & Harley were getting settled in at the Spaulding Mansion because Harley was named the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. This wallpaper shows GusH in their room at the mansion. They had had a stressful dinner with Beth (who was married to Alan Spaulding) and I think some of Harley's family. Afterwards in their room, Harley was trying to get some work done and Gus tried to help since she was new to the business world. But Gus had other things on his mind, and it getting take long before her mind was there too. She did not get much work done, and they had a very passionate kissing scene & also a nice afterglow. So, in celebration & praise of those two scenes, I created this wallpaper.

I used my favorite pictures of what I have available to use. The two left-corner pics are suppose to show that she was trying to get some work done. The others show what GusH do best - make love to each other. For three of them I used the marquis tool to "cut" them out. Two of them I decided to rotate a little. Three of them I added effects to spruce them up. With the bottom center picture I wanted a spotlight on that hot n' heavy kissing, hehe.

The background is red because that's a color that screams "passion" and "sex". The white of the text matches the background. And that saying is really clever... "Look how easy it is for GusH to turn work into sex." It's perfect because it's obviously 100% true.

Even though this episode didn't have a love scene, these two scenes featured were really wonderful and unexpected. They made up for not having a love scene. So, I made this wallpaper showcasing all this hotness. And my favorite picture is the one in the middle, overlapping the two rotated ones. Harley had rolled on top of Gus, and they started making love again as he pulled the sheet over their heads. So hot!

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