A Great Marriage

It had been a few months since GusH were married when I decided to make this wallpaper. I wanted to experiment with picture frames/shapes and also show that marriage is working out well for them. They were having a fun, sexy marriage. Lots of great kissing scenes and whatnot. They were living a great life together.

So, I chose three pictures to showcase their marriage thus far. I think they're pretty self-explanatory. For each of them I drew a unique frame. I chose purple for the background because it's a pretty color and perfect for the other colors I used. This is the second time I used purple for a background.

I wrote "GusH" and "Love" on the one frame because there were those spaces on there that were begging for something to be written on them. And I had to write something that kinda explained what the wallpaper was all about. That's what the "Marriage seems to be good" is for. I could have written something else, though, that would have been a bit better. There were a few ideas running through my mind.

I drew white cloudy flowers in the corners to represent their wedding. Remember white screams wedding in my book. I drew those green designs at the top & bottom to add even more prettyness and to fill in those spaces. It's hard to tell if they're perfectly centered with each other. Sometimes it looks like they are, and other times they look off. I did the best I could.

Those pictures must have been my favorite at the time from their few months of being married. Right now I'm thinking the one in the oval frame is the best because of what was going on. Gus was trying to convince Harley to "play hooky" and have a second round of sex before attending her press conference (or whatever it was). He whispered who-knows-what in her ear, but his attempts didn't work. So, he told her that they would do some roleplaying later. Hehe!! GusH was one sexy couple.

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