Favorite Gus & Harley Places

Top 10 GusH Places (as chosen by me)

10. Olivia's Bar - Gus & Harley shared few moments here, but one was very special and sweet. It's an unforgettable one. In winter 2004 they were arguing, and it kinda slowed to a stop. Gus bent down to take her shoes off, and they danced without music as if there was no one else in the room. How romantic!!

9. The Beacon Hotel - Gus & Harley have spent numerous nights and afternoons in their room here. Most of the time they went to escape reality and have sex, which is always great. But there's one time that really stands out when GusH were truly being their fun, adorable selves. Harley showed Gus the honeymoon suite in preparation for their 2004 wedding. She told him about all the perks (hot tub, snack bar, massages), and he convinced her to try out the bed.

8. Pennsylvania - Gus & Harley had a real adventure in this state in 2002. They drove there in Gus's mustang to gather evidence for a case. So many things happened! They broke down twice in the middle of nowhere, danced as the car battery died, slept in the car, gazed at the stars, and ended up at a hotel. Gus surprised Harley with a very romantic room, where they started a fire when he threw his shirt into the fireplace. They heated things up in the car but were caught and sent to jail for the night. It was quite a memorable trip!

7. Harley's Angels Office - Harley ran her own PI business once upon a time and spent a couple times here with Gus. One time when they weren't technically together and Gus lived here (in 2005), they spent the night together sleeping. Another time (in 2003) Gus got to see Harley in a poofy wedding gown, which both of them didn't like. But the best moments occurred in the fall of 2003 during the Lori Jenson case when they made a side bet. They bantered about the case, him looking through evidence first, etc. Of course it was all about who would win the bet, and it was just hilarious. Good times!

6. Greece - Gus and Harley were never actually shown here, but they honeymooned here for about three weeks in 2005. So it is an important place for them. They were probably in Santorini because Harley had always wanted to go there. They also probably did some sight-seeing; maybe they ventured onto the main land and into Athens to visit some ruins and museums. Or they could have just stayed in their room a lot and relaxed on the beach. And I'm sure they had lots of sex.

5. Springfield Police Station - Gus and Harley were detectives; they were partners for many years. Their work is the reason they met. Obviously they have spent lots of time here, sometimes working and sometimes canoodling. They worked very well together. Their best moments were when they hated each other throughout the year 2001. They shared a tiny office and bickered constantly, which was SO funny. And the sexual tension was always there. You know they just wanted to kiss and go at it like crazy. It was agonizing yet very entertaining to watch.

4. Gus's Hotel Room #5 - This is where Gus lived during 2001 and 2002 before he loved in with Harley. There were quite a few moments here, two of them more significant than others. Their official first date was the most hilarious time of their whole life together. It was the first time Harley ever saw where he lived, and the place was a complete mess. But he cleaned up, and they had a very fun evening. She met his inflatable carpool doll, she discovered his messy closet, and he saved her from exploding lasagna. Freakin' hilarious!

A couple weeks later they discussed vacationing in Greece, but the timing wasn't right. Gus transformed his room into Greece. He had travel posters, vines, a tiny miniature beach, Greek music, and Greek food including an ice cream Parthenon. That proved how romantic he was, and she spent the night. Gus & Harley made love for the first time (and a few more times), making it one memorable date.

3. Company Restaurant - Harley's family owns this place, so of course Gus and Harley spent a lot of time here. They've had numerous moments inside as well as outside. Inside... In 2002 Gus gave Harley his mom's ring as a training ring. They weren't ready for engagement or marriage yet. And in 2004 during time apart one thing that led them towards a reunion was a long, loving, passionate kiss at Christmas. Outside there's a bench that I think is sacred to them because there have been many sweet times there. They said their first "I love you"s, decided to move in together, made romantic plans, and have had several conversations - not all bad or serious. That bench holds little cute, affectionate moments. One of my favorites is when they met up after their dance at Olivia's Bar. Harley sat in his lap, and they talked about them in terms of still getting married and remembering to say, "I love you." They went home after she promised to woo him in the bedroom, bathroom, and his car. Yum!

2. Harley's Old House - She had bought this house with Phillip, but I've always thought of it as Harley's house. She has many memories with Gus since they lived here for about two years. And since they lived here, they've done everything here. The main place for action was the living room. And in this house Gus and Harley have worked together, fought, made up, played with Zach & Jude, welcomed each other home, and a slew of other things. Two memorable events occurred here...both in 2003...

In May they had their hottest love scene EVER. All fans agree it's their best; it's everyone's favorite. Gus and Harley had been with Alan most of the episode with few moments alone. Thus, the love scene came as a pleasant surprise, and it was downstairs... Gus had Harley against a wall, ravishing her stomach. Then he had her on the coffee table, planting kisses up her thighs. Then they were kissing wildly, and they fell back on the table. They SO had sex on that table! It is one hell of a love scene. Fans call it The Wallbanger, and it's something to see with your own eyes.

In June GusH had their most romantic moment in this house. They had dinner with Alan and were talking after he left. Harley felt Gus was slipping away from her, but that wasn't the case. Gus was late for dinner because he stopped at the jeweler's to buy an engagement ring. He proposed and got down on one knee, and what he said was so beautiful. Harley said "yes", and I cried happily. They got engaged right in their living room, which is what makes it such a romantic, wonderful proposal. It was unexpected and unplanned. I like that.

My favorite room of this house is, of course, the bedroom because we all know what went on there. Gus could hardly keep his hands off Harley every night (from what we heard). But unfortunately, they had very few scenes in that bedroom. Such a shame!

1. GusH's House - Harley needed a new house after Phillip had her old one demolished. Gus is the reason construction began on a new house, and it ended up being Gus and Harley's first house together. It was unfinished for about a year & a half. They were even married for close to a year before they finally moved in. They spent many times in the house while it was unfinished, and thanks to Gus it became livable.

In 2006 Gus and Harley separated for a little bit. Gus returned to his pain pill addiction, and Harley took a vacation. While she was away, he got his act together. He kicked his addiction and became determined to make things right. When Harley returned, they finished their house together and moved in with Zach & Jude. And that was one hell of an episode! Very memorable! Gus clearly didn't know what he was doing, but he had help as he tackled plumbing, electricity, doors, bathrooms, etc. Since Harley knew Gus was clueless, it was a very comical episode. Working on their house really brought Gus and Harley back together. But even though they moved in, the house was never 100% finished.

Of course since they lived here, they did everything here. They lived a fairly happy life with the boys, and for a good couple months life was normal. That's what I like the most about their time here - there were so many scenes of them together & with the boys that made it seem like a real home. Gus and Harley had photos, drawings, and personal things everywhere that made it homey. They also tried expanding their family and welcomed a baby girl into their life & home. She brought the Cooper family together, and GusH wanted to adopt her. They loved her so much, but it wasn't meant to be. Gus and Harley still had Zach & Jude, and the four of them made a cute, wonderful family.

This house is the best GusH place because it's THEIR house. It will always be special to them and their fans. We will continue to reflect on all their times here and every place they have ever been on screen (and also off, such as their Greece honeymoon). Hope you all enjoyed this list I made, and sorry the first couple aren't as detailed as the later ones. This countdown is what it is.

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