Cooper Brunch TODAY!!

It's the event no Gus & Harley fan should miss. It's a final farewell and celebration of Gus & Harley. It's one last party for the Cooper family. It's the most special soap opera function EVER. I was determined to go, and I will be there!

Read all about the Cooper/GusH Brunch here: http://www.rickypaullgoldin.com/brunch.html

This will be my first time meeting Ricky Paull Goldin, Beth Ehlers, and the other actors. I've never met any famous person before. So it's extremely exciting, and it's a dream come true. I think I'll cry once I lay eyes on Ricky and Beth, and I won't believe that it's happening until I'm there. I'm attending with my mom and grandparents as a college graduation gift. I bet it will be a blast for us, the actors, and everyone else there. Fun for all the fans! And bittersweet because we all love Gus & Harley so much. I expect for this brunch to be all about GusH & the Coopers. There will be a lot of love and tears in the room. And it'll all be worth it.

This is posted an hour & a half before the brunch begins. That means we are on our way to Manhattan via train right now! If you're reading this, that most likely means you are not going. You're missing out on a fun time. I promise to post photos and a huge detailed recap of the event. For me a wonderful and memorable time is ahead! We're spending the day in Manhattan. After the brunch, we're off to the Empire State Building and maybe a tour bus, which would symbolize Ricky Paull's first fan club weekend event - The Gus Bus Tour of 2003 (I think). It'll be a day to cherish forever since I love New York City as well as GusH.

I can't promise I'll post/report tonight once I'm home, but you never know. See you when I return! Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday!

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