GusH's Valentine's

I think it was around Valentine's Day that I created this wallpaper. Valentine's Day 2006, that is. And that year they were forced to be apart, so I made this to show the two best Valentine's Days that GusH spent together.

On the left we have Gus & Harley's very first Valentine's together, which was in 2002. They weren't actually a couple yet, but they were getting there. And this Valentine's helped a lot. They didn't expect to be together, but they were at Company all alone. Gus gave Harley a Valentine, and they bickered until he finally blurted out, "You make me happy is what I'm trying to say." That led to tons of kissing, and they were going to go to his place to "talk or not talk". But their night was terribly interrupted, and Harley's brain kicked in, telling her to back out. So, it was a memorable Valentine's even though it didn't go past a few scenes at Company.

And on the right we have 2005 Valentine's, in which Harley's murder trial was wonderfully postponed by someone dressed as Cupid. They weren't exactly together, though, or at least they weren't suppose to be since Gus was her lawyer. But in this episode they seemed like a happy, normal couple. GusH snuck away into an unknown room, and Gus backed her against the door to kiss her. Turns out there was a minister there, waiting to marry someone, and once the engaged couple showed up, GusH helped them through a problem and served as their witnesses. When it was time to kiss the bride, GusH were also kissing. And Harley caught the bouquet. It was just a sweet, happy Valentine's to escape from the horrible drama GusH were going through.

Besides showcasing the best Valentine's shows, I made this wallpaper because I never made a Valentine's one before. And I wanted to use the best song there is for this holiday: Marina McBride's "Valentine". I think it's too obvious why I put hearts with those pictures. And the text is pretty much a space-filer. I chose three romantic and pretty colors, and they stand out the most on a black background.

I believe I put this wallpaper together fairly quickly. I say that because I don't like how I positioned the pictures. If you look at just them and how they're spaced out, they look sloppy. It bugs me so much, but what's done is done. See, I like things to be perfect (or what I think is perfect). There are more minor things from other wallpapers that drive me nuts, but this spacing "problem" tops them all. Yeah, I must have made this wallpaper too quickly...without even thinking of improving the pictures' positions.

Anyway...try to disregard the last paragraph if you don't want to see the imperfection I see. The reason I told you about it is because it was something else to tell. All part of the wallpaper-making business, I guess. There are always things to share/tell.

This is still a lovely, romantic wallpaper, though. And GusH is a very romantic couple.

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