On The Run...In New York City

This one showcases Gus & Harley's little adventure in New York City. In 2005 they had a montage of walking around the city searching for a specific building. Sounds like a difficult task, right? They eventually found the Brooklyn Bridge and a hotel, where an important person was staying. In the montage the song "New York" by Smith Point played, and there were a lot of different places within the city where Gus and Harley went. So, I figured I had to do a wallpaper because it was a cool location shoot.

I wanted this wallpaper to be busy because New York City is quite a busy, bustling place. Therefore, it has a number of pictures and text and circles. A lot if going on. I thought some pics of the city would be appropriate, so they're in the four corners. The green text is from the song mentioned earlier. The GusH pics are in chronological order, the first row then the second. And the pink circles & ovals...that was a little experimentation. I thought plain colored circles would look good and fill some space. The faded 'NYC' text is just filler; I get picky about too much space sometimes. I don't know why I chose pink for the main color theme; I think I chose it because their ice cream truck was pink (as you can see in the top right corner).

Speaking of which...what ever happened to that ice cream truck? They left it parked there, found the soap opera set to hide in, and never went back to it. As far as we know, it's still parked there! Too bad they abandoned it. It was a fun place for GusH. They never starved.

Anyway...I like this wallpaper because of how hectic it is. There's plenty more than just GusH going on for once. Brilliant!

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