At Last

This is another one featuring their "on the run" love scene. I wanted to do a simple wallpaper using just a few pictures. I chose the three that I love the most. Aren't they sexy and beautiful?

You can see that two pictures have the feathered effect, making them even more lovely. I thought pink would be a good color to match the feel of the scene. "At Last" is the song used while they made love. (Eva Cassidy, remember?) I thought a heart in the center would look great with their names in it. The sky blue matches wonderfully with the pink. And the little pink hearts are space fillers. But lovely space fillers, right?

My take on each picture... The first one of them lying down is sweet. That was near the beginning of the love scene, and he eased himself on top of her nicely. They began kissing immediately and moving their hands over each other. *sigh* Really romantic! The second is a close up of their hands, which I consider to be really sexy. His hand was over hers and interlocking with hers...as you can see. Mmm!! She's also clutching some sand in her hand. One reason it's so sexy is because it makes you wonder what they were doing while their hands were coming together like that. The third picture shows the hottest part of the love scene! OMG! His hand was doing who-knows-what and then moved up to her neck while he was planting kisses on the back of her neck. And she was pressed against him... Wow! Hot!

Such a beautiful wallpaper for a beautiful love scene. *SIGH*

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