This one is beautiful and very creative.

Gus and Harley had a major love scene on the date specified; it was special because they hadn't been together like that for almost a year. A whole year! And this happened during their "on the run" story. They became much closer during this time. They felt safe with each other and thought it was just the two of them on the run forever. Cue the romance even though there was danger lurking right behind the corner. It was as if for a moment time just stopped, and there were no worries. They took time to just be, thinking that no danger existed.

Also, this took place on a beach set of a soap opera. Even though it was a fake, I'm glad they made love on a beach.

This love scene was wonderful. It was exactly what I hoped it'd be - slow and loving. So, because of that and since I really enjoy GusH love scenes, I made this pretty wallpaper. I thought purple was a good romantic color. There are pictures from almost every moment of the scene and two from their lovely afterglow. I used some different image effects for a couple of the pictures just to spruce up the wallpaper, make it more than just a regular collage. The text are lyrics from the song used in the love scene - Eva Cassidy's version of "At Last", which is so beautiful. It matched the pace of the scene perfectly. The circles of blue ripples are to fill up space, and they represent the ocean even though there wasn't one.

The position of the pictures... I knew I didn't want the corner ones to touch the sides (for some reason I don't remember). And the other six just sort of fell into the places they're in. It's definitely a unique look to this wallpaper.

IMO, this is GusH's most romantic love scene. It didn't have to be hot-n-heavy or fast-paced. They needed to rediscover each other and reconnect on the sexual level. Gus and Harley made the romance and brought pure adoring magic to our eyes.

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