Imagine More (Rated R)

FINALLY... Part Two of the polyandry fantasy...strictly for Gus & Harley lovers... Includes sexual content. :)

You can read Part 1 here: http://harleyfan1.blogspot.com/2007/04/imagine-this.html

I don't mean to imply that whenever Harley has her days and/or nights with each guy, she has sex with them. That would be too much, LOL. Being a GusH lover, I had to write in some steamy sex for her and Gus. Of course!


Harley leads Gus to the couch. They sit down on the couch, and he sets the dinner bag on the coffee table. She grabs him for a deep, hungry kiss. Both are breathless and smiling when it ends.

G: Wow. I think you like being with me most.

H: Maybe I do. We're really good together.

G: Yes, we are.

He leans in a plants kisses on her neck.

H: So you're not too jealous of Phillip and Alan-Michael, are you?

He pulls back.

G: No. We get along. I like sharing the boys with them. Sharing you isn't too bad, but it's much more fun having you all to myself.

He plants more kisses on her neck.

H: Gus, we're not having dinner if you keep doing that.

Gus pulls back again, grinning.

G: Let's get a bath together and we can set up our dinner on the edge of the tub. That way we can eat and be naked together at the same time.

H: A bath sounds really great, but how about we eat down here. We'll eat fast and not talk much. And we won't have dessert.

G: Good because for once I didn't get any dessert. But to me, you're dessert.

Harley smiles and moans enthusiastically.

H: I'll go get some beers, and you can open up the food.

When she returns with napkins and two beers, she hands one to him and sets hers & the napkins down.

H: This is exactly what I need after a long day at work - greasy burger and fries. Thank you. Only with you can I have this kind of food.

Gus: That's good, huh? You're happy. That means I'm happy.

They smile at each other before eating their dinner and drinking their beer without saying much to each other.

Gus lets out a loud burp after finishing his beer, causing Harley to laugh. He kisses her and stands up.

G: I'll get the bath ready for you.

H: For us. And I want candles.

They both smile, and she watches him disappear up the stairs. She finishes her beer and cleans up a little slowly, knowing it'll take a while for the tub to fill with water. She imagines them in the tub together and grins with anticipation. Gus always did treat her right. Not that Phillip and Alan-Michael don't, but sometimes Gus seems to be more romantic than them. She smiles, thinking of how unique her love life is, and to her it's not bad. After cleaning up, she makes her way quietly and slowly up the stairs. She finds a small note on her door that reads, "Don't come in yet. Wait until I let you in. - G". She grins and walks down the hall to check on Zach. Opening the door, she finds Phillip asleep beside Zach's bed. She walks over to him and tries waking him up.

H: Phillip, wake up. Phillip.

Phillip stirs awake and mumbles.

P: Aren't you with Gus... Don't you have plans?

H: Yes. I'm just checking on Zach, and you're asleep on the floor. Come on. Get up.

She helps him up, and he kisses her cheek.

P: Thanks. Enjoy your night with Gus.

Harley kisses his cheek and smiles as he stumbles out of the room, making his way to his own room. Then she gazes at her eldest son, trying to imagine the adventures he must be on in his dreams. She backs out carefully and quietly, shutting the door once she's back in the hall. She looks to her bedroom and sees the door open. As she's about to enter, Gus pops out from behind the door and grabs her, pulling her inside and shutting the door. He slams her against the door, kissing her wildly, making her moan. The kiss lingers a while before Gus breaks away. They're both breathless.

H: Wow.

She glances down to eye him up. He's wearing only a black robe. She smiles seductively.

H: You always did look good in a robe.

Gus kisses her again and unbuttons her shirt while kissing her neck as she grins, eager to be out of her clothes. His hands reach up her back and unhook her bra. She smiles at him as her eyes lock with his. He watches her remove her shirt and bra, staring at her gorgeous body. She undoes her slacks and pushes them to the floor. She steps out of them, grabs his robe, and drags him to the bathroom, gasping when she sees candles surrounding the tub full of water and bubbles.

G: Are you pleased with my work?

H: Oh yes. I just love how romantic you are.

She continues staring at the romantic setting as Gus kisses her cheek and slips her panties off. He throws them behind him, runs his hands up her thighs, and rubs her waist, making her smile seductively.

H: I like that, Gus.

Gus grins and looks towards the tub. He kisses her ear.

G: Ladies first.

Harley turns around and locks eyes with him again as she unties his robe and slides it off his shoulders, down his arms, and it eventually hits the floor. She glances down at his sexy naked body with much desire in her eyes. Looking back up at him, she kisses him passionately yet quickly, causing them both to moan.

H: You're sexy, Aitoro.

She smiles while turning around and heading to the tub, climbing into it and sighing at the feel of the hot water covering her body. She rests against the tub, tilts her head to see Gus staring at her intently, and watches him ease into the tub across from her. She closes her eyes and moans softly.

H: I like having you and bubbles at the same time.

G: Yeah, bubbles are fun.

He picks some up in his hands and blows them towards her face, making her laugh and open her eyes. She wipes the bubbles off her cheeks.

H: Bubbles are sexy.

She sits up and moves closer to him.

H: Don't I look sexy covered in bubbles?

G: Yes, you do. You look sexy in anything, especially your own skin.

H: Mmm, you like my skin?

They move closer to each other.

G: You have incredible skin.

He slips his hands on her waist under the water and leans in so their faces are mere inches apart. They kiss very gently before she pulls back and returns to her side of the tub.

H: Don't you just love baths?

G: Baths with you...yes.

H: Baths make me feel so good and warm. And bathing with you gets me so aroused...

She sits up again, and he moves towards her. Their eyes lock and remain open as they kiss with him pulling her against his body. As they moan, his hands move all over her back and hers rest on his shoulders. They kiss very lovingly and deeply for a while before it ends and she plants soft kisses on his neck. He sighs contently and rubs the back of her neck. They break away from each other, and her hand finds his under the water. She smiles sweetly at him.

H: Isn't it something how a romantic bath just makes you take things slow?

G: Slow and very loving.

H: Yeah. It's nice...

Their fingers interlock under the water. She leans in to kiss the spot below his ear twice. He runs his other hand down her soapy back while moaning softly. Her lips move to his shoulder as her other hand moves to his neck, rubbing it firmly. She then slides her hand down his chest, making circles with her fingers. She pulls her head up and smiles.

H: Let me wash your back.

Gus grins and lets go of her to turn around, still sitting on his knees. She pushes off any bubbles that are on his back and quickly kisses the back of his neck. She reaches for a bottle of perfumey body wash and pours some into her hands. Making sure she has plenty in both hands, she proceeds to spread the soap all over his back. She makes sure she gets soap on every inch of skin that's above water. She then reaches for a washcloth and soaks it in the water multiple times as she scrubs his back, rinsing the soap. Afterwards, she massages his neck, back, and shoulders very sensually and lovingly, making him moan a couple times.

G: You're good with your hands.

H: Oh, really? I can be much better...

She slides her hands down his back and around to his stomach, her fingers then making their way below his waist, stroking him erotically. He throws his head back and lets out a loud moan.

She kisses his shoulder and neck.

H: Mmmm, you like that, don't you, baby?

G: Oh, yeah... What happened to taking things slow?

Harley strokes him for only a couple more moments as he groans, and she rests her hands on his stomach.

H: I couldn't help myself.

G: Right.

Harley rubs his upper arms and slides her tongue across his neck, making him moan. She pulls away from him, and he turns around to face her. He leans in, planting his mouth on hers in a soft kiss.

G: We should switch sides.

H: Why?

G: You'll see.

He kisses her cheek quickly, and they make their way around each other to be on opposite sides again. He lies back against the tub and sets his hands on the sides of the tub. Harley smiles at him.

H: I think I see very clearly.

She moves between his legs towards him, turns around, sits on his lap, and rests against him. Her head lays on his shoulder, and she turns to kiss his neck. She closes her eyes as his arms move around her stomach. Her fingers run over his arms before coming to rest on his hands.

H: This is perfect.

She moans softly. They lay there together just like that for a while, only hearing the gentle sounds of their breathing.

H: I'd like to not fall asleep here.

Gus laughs lightly as she moves her hands to her thighs.

G: Maybe I should do something more stimulating.

He runs his fingers slowly over her breasts and up to her neck. She tilts her head back, allowing him to massage her neck gently. After a couple moments, his hands move to her breasts, fondling them softly and making her nipples hard. She gasps and moans at his touch.

H: That's good. I like that.

G: I knew you would.

She moans again, and he soon slips his hands to her waist and upper thighs.

H: Honey...

G: Yeah, I know what you want, babe.

H: Gus! You're bad!

G: What!?

They both bust out laughing, and he kisses her cheek.

G: I love being with you.

Harley smiles and moans contently.

H: Yeah.

Gus murmurs in her ear: Didn't you say baths with me are arousing?

She keeps her laughter in.

H: Yes, something like that.

G: Right...something like that...

He squeezes her thigh quickly, making her cry out with laughter. Her laughter subsides as he slides his hand up her thigh to her warmth between her legs. She gasps his name softly as he slowly rubs her.

G: Mmmm...I know you like that.

H: Yes. Yes!

Gus rubs her a minute longer, making her sigh and moan with pleasure. Taking his hand away, he rests it on her waist.

H: You're good, Gus.

G: So are you.

Harley turns around and wraps her arms around his neck. She kisses him passionately and slips her tongue in his mouth almost instantly. Gus holds her tightly and kisses back, his tongue mingling wildly with hers. They both moan multiple times as they become even more turned on and the heat between them rises.

In the midst of kissing, H: I need you.

Also in the midst of kissing, G: I need you too.

He breaks away breathlessly.

G: So much for being slow.

H: We were slow for a good bit. Now it's time for more. A lot more...

She kisses him again, causing him to moan. They kiss a couple moments, but he pulls away again and she moans in protest. He sits them up so they're not laying against the tub anymore. He sneaks a few kisses on her neck.

G: You want to get out and hop into bed so we can...you know?

H: What's wrong with staying here?

She arches her eyebrows suggestively while smiling seductively.

G: Good answer.

H: I want you right here, right now.

Gus moans and leans in to kiss her neck again, this time very hungrily.

H: Oh, that is so good.

His hands slide up to her breasts again, fondling them more firmly, making her nipples even harder. She gasps at his rough touch.

H: Gus! More!

She runs her hands up his back and holds onto him tightly. He gives her nipples a good tug as he bites her neck softly, causing her to gasp again. He then kisses up to her mouth, and they share a long, steamy kiss. They mutter words of love and desire as they kiss. Their tongues begin to wrestle, and their fingers become wrapped up in one another's hair.

Several moments later they tear away breathlessly.

H: Wow!

G: Yeah.

They take a couple breaths, look at each other, and resume their uncontrollable kissing. There is constant moaning for what seems like forever. They hold onto each other tightly. The kissing begins slowing down as Harley maneuvers herself so that she's on Gus's lap, her feet pressing against the tub behind him. They both groan when he slides inside of her.

They break away, needing air. His hands move down her back to her hips, keeping them there as they begin moving together gently.

Harley breathes heavily onto his neck before throwing her head back, and they move a little faster. His mouth lands on her neck, planting hot kisses all over. She calls out, "Gus," a few times before tilting her head forward.

G: Harley. Oh, Harley!

His hands travel up her back, holding her securely whenever she leans back. Her nails dig into his back as they move faster together.

H: Gus! GUS!

Gus slows things down and takes hold of her in order to move them around and pin Harley against the back of the tub. She spreads her legs, and he begins pumping her harder and deeper, making her call out with pleasure.

Gus breathes heavily into her neck and slips a hand down the front of her body. He rubs her with two fingers for a few moments, making her scream his name. He bites her neck before moving his hand back up to her waist. He thrusts into her much faster than before, and their rhythm speeds up.

G: Harley...

H: GUS! You're...SO...a...ma...zing!

They start panting, and she wraps her legs around his back, forcing his thrusts to deepen more.

H: OH, God... Baby! I'm so close!

G: Me...too, babe.

He pulls his head up and kisses her quickly yet passionately. She kisses back and moans fiercely. She runs her fingers up his back and punctures her nails in his skin.

The heat continues building between them from the sex & hot water, and they feel so alive with desire for each other.

They resume their panting, and moments later they begin reaching ecstasy. Gus feels her tighten around him when he plunges into her once more, and he yells her name as he explodes inside of her. She shouts his name as her climax follows his, and they both cry out multiple times while their bodies rock with pleasure. They start breathing erratically, and their hearts continue racing.

H: WOW! Wow!

G: Baby...

They continue breathing heavily as they pull away from each other. Harley lies still for a moment before sitting up and leaning over the side of the tub, getting away from the heat of the water to get some air. Gus meanwhile sits back against the opposite side of the tub and runs a hand over his hair.

G: Wow!

Harley looks back at him.

H: I know.

They remain silent as they fully catch their breath. Harley sits back beside Gus and finds his hand, their fingers interlocking underwater. She rests her head on his shoulder and smiles very happily.

H: You are amazing.

Gus grins at her.

G: I believe you said that earlier.

H: Oh, that's right. I did.

She giggles and kisses his shoulder. She tilts her head up to moan in his ear.

H: Well, then... You're incredible. And so sexy.

G: So are you, Coop.

H: You're very talented. Maybe we should continue in the bedroom? Show me your skills there...

G: Babe, you know my skills there.

H: Sweetie, a bath isn't enough.

G: Ooh, you're insatiable.

Harley giggles seductively and kisses his cheek.

G: Let's just relax for a bit.

H: Good idea.

She moves to lie against one end of the tub, and he stays against the side. They remain silent for a couple moments. Harley sighs with content, and Gus takes one of her legs under the water to caress it tenderly.

H: You have a magic touch.

She smiles at him, and he smiles back.

G: Shall we move this party to the bedroom?

Harley's smile widens.

H: Yes.

She watches him stand up and get out of the tub. He watches her stand up and reaches for her hand to help her out. He grabs a fluffy towel and begins drying her body. He begins with her shoulders and back before moving around to her front, massaging her soft skin through the towel. He bends down and slides the towel down her legs & back up, drying them very throughly. Once he's finished, he gazes up to see her smiling.

H: Thank you.

G: You're very welcome.

He stands up as she reaches for another towel and starts drying his shoulders and chest. He grins while watching her. She lovingly rubs his stomach and waist when drying them. She moves behind him to dry his back and makes him moan when she arrives at his hips, massaging them sensually. She kneels to the floor and runs the towel over his legs a few times, getting them good and dry. After standing back up, she tosses the towel aside and reaches to empty the tub. Then they both lean over to blow out all the candles.

Harley takes Gus's hand to lead them out of the bathroom, but Gus stops her and bends to sweep her into his arms. She wraps her arms around his neck, and he carries her to the bedroom. He gently lays her on the bed, and she slips under the covers. He pulls the covers back to climb on top of her. She pulls the covers back up and wraps her arms around him.

H: Now this is more like it.

She kisses him quickly.

H: Skin against skin in a cozy bed.

He moans and kisses her passionately, causing her to moan.

H: Love you, Gus.

Gus grins.

G: I love you more than you know.

H: Show me. Again.

He kisses her neck hungrily as she sighs with pleasure. They disappear under the covers to make sweet, hot love.

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