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Polyandry is where a woman has multiple husbands. It is a dying practice found only in small villages of the Himalayas. I recently watched a short video on the National Geographic podcast about it. It featured one woman with three husbands - all brothers! And she had children to raise with them. It seemed to be a nice, comfortable family unit and way of life.

So, can you imagine Harley being married to Alan-Michael, Phillip, and Gus at the same time while still raising her children? Wow, would that be something!

First of all, forget about Daisy (and now Rafe). Imagine she never returned and is still at boarding school. She would cause so much trouble that the situation wouldn't be funny. Her drama would take away from the zanyness of the polyandry.

Second, picture this scenario at Harley's old house, obviously not burned down. The house she currently resides in is her home with Gus. It's strictly GusH. So, since polyandry involves multiple men, it should happen in her previous home where she has gone through a few relationships as well as singlehood. If you don't know the house, search the internet for videos and pictures of Harley. Chances are you'll find the house somewhere; it has an Arizona theme.

Also imagine a much nicer Phillip - the way he was when he and Harley were a couple.

Now let us take a peak into Harley's polyandry lifestyle...


Harley walks into her house after an extra-long day at work. She hangs up her jacket and plops her purse on the coffee table. She smiles at Alan-Michael and sits next to him on the couch.

H: Hi, honey.

Alan-Michael smiles back as he folds up his newspaper. He sets it on the coffee table, leans in close to her, and kisses her.

AM: Hi. How was your day?

H: Long. Too long.

She rests her head on his shoulder, sighing as he wraps an arm around her.

AM: Were you working on a big case?

H: No. The day just really dragged on. I'm glad to be home even though I am home a little late. How was your day at the office?

AM: My meeting went well. We're making more money.

H: That doesn't surprise me. Phillip was a part of it, right?

AM: Yes, of course, Harley. Just because I'm the head of Spaulding does not mean I'm shutting Phillip out of the company.

H: I know. I'm just making sure.

AM: You can stop, okay? Don't worry. I will always include Phillip even though he doesn't care as much about the company as I do.

Harley smiles again and lifts her head up.

H: So, where are my boys?

AM: Rick picked Jude up already.

H: I figured that, since I'm home late.

AM: Rick stayed a little while, but I told him I didn't know when you'd be home. Zach is upstairs with Phillip. And we ate already, by the way.

H: Okay. I'll have to find some dinner for myself. I wonder if Gus is eating at work.

AM: Sorry we didn't save you and Gus anything. We made it a guys night kinda thing with Zach being a man in training. Phillip and I made it fun for him.

H: That's good. Dinner isn't always fun for children.

Phillip comes down the stairs holding Zach over his shoulders.

P: Yes. That's why this dinner was fun, right, Zach?

Z: Yep! Hi, Mommy!

Harley stands up as Phillip makes his way over to her. She smiles as she takes Zach into her arms.

H: Hi, sweetie! Oh, you're getting way too big. I don't think I can hold you anymore.

She gives him a huge hug before setting him down quickly.

H: And you're already in your PJs? That's great.

She kisses his head before he jump onto the couch. She and Phillip grin at him before turning to each other.

H: Hey.

P: Hi, honey.

Harley throws her arms around him, and they share a quick, sweet kiss. He sets his hands on her waist as they share another kiss. He leads her to the other couch, and she sits down on his lap with his arms around her.

H: All I'm gonna say is I'm glad to be home.

P: I'm glad you're home too.

Z: Me too!

P: Hey, champ, why don't you go to the kitchen and have a cookie?

Zach looks at Harley.

Z: Can I?

H: Sure, honey.

Zach hurries away to the kitchen.

P: Today was too long.

H: I agree. And Gus is still working. I guess it's a long day for everyone, huh?

P: Yeah. It's really nice having you home.

He holds her tighter, and she smiles.

H: You do remember that tonight is not your night, right?

P: Yes, I remember that tonight is Gus's night to be with you. That's why I'm holding you right now since Gus isn't home yet.

AM: Yeah, have her while you can, Phillip.

Harley rolls her eyes but doesn't mind being between three guys.

H: You two are something else. And I'm surprised Gus isn't home yet.

P: Let's not even talk about him.

He kisses her cheek, and she laughs. Just then Zach comes rushing back with a cookie in his hand.

Z: I had my cookie. This one is for you, Mommy.

She takes the cookie from him, smiling.

H: Thank you, sweetie.

She watches him run to the stairs.

Z: Uncle Alan-Michael, could you play with me please?

AM: Of course.

Zach bounds up the stairs as Alan-Michael gets up to follow him.

AM: Phillip, don't have too much fun with her.

H: Love you, Alan-Michael.

AM: Love you too, and don't you forget that.

He disappears up the stairs, chasing Zach down the hallway to his room.

H: I think he might be jealous. You're all over me right now.

P: Yes, I am. Tough for him.

H: But I'm sure Gus will be home soon.

Phillip turns her cheek and plants a huge kiss on her lips. She melts just a little before he breaks away.

H: You're sweet.

They both smile. Then they hear a car pulling up.

P: That must be Gus.

H: Phillip, don't sound too disappointed.

Phillip shakes his head.

P: I'm not. Really, I'm not.

H: I love you. You know that.

Phillip smiles.

P: I know. I love you too.

He smiles at her, and she stands up just as Gus walks through the front door.

G: Hey! Give me some love.

He holds one of his arms, and she scurries straight to him. They kiss, and his arm goes around her. He rubs her back a little as they hug.

H: Hi. Long day, huh?

G: You got that right. Have you eaten?

Harley pulls back.

H: No. Have you?

Gus nods his head.
G: No.

They both laugh, and he reveals a bag in his other hand.

G: Dinner.

H: What a lifesaver!

She kisses him, and it's after she pulls away that Gus notices Phillip on the couch.

G: Hey there, Phil. How was your day?

P: It felt as long as yours was.

G: Rough.

P: But your day really was long.

G: God yeah, and I need some relaxing.

He looks at Harley with a lustful twinkle in his eyes.

Harley keeps looking at Gus.

H: Phillip, you can get Zach to bed, right?

Phillip gets up, understanding the hints.

P: Yes, I will. I'll tell him how tired Gus is and that Gus needs Mommy right now. He'll be alright.

Harley turns around, and Gus wraps an arm around her.

H: Yeah, he's growing up so much. He doesn't need me all the time. He'll be fine.

P: Enjoy your night, Harley.

H: Nite, Phillip.

She blows him a kiss as he makes his way up the stairs, leaving her all alone with Gus.



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