On The Run

This is the one that told/showed me that I am officially great at wallpaper-making. This one proved I was good. This is really when my wallpaper-making craze began - two years ago.

In June 2005 Gus and Harley went on the run together. She was in prison for something she didn't do. She busted out, and Gus found her. They set out to leave town, but first they stumbled into buying a safe vehicle - an ice cream truck. They needed some food and approached it just to buy a cone and a bar. But Gus had lots of cash, and they ended up buying the whole truck, which was FULL of ice cream for them. It was quite a fun episode; they had some great moments eating ice cream and kissing in the truck.

So, I just had to make a wallpaper featuring both the eating and the kissing. One was cute while the other was hot. Harley never got her Fudge Dream bar, so Gus shared his cookie crunch cone with her. She didn't want it, but he gave it to her anyway. And she said it was good. The kissing... I could have made a whole wallpaper of the kissing. It was SO good! They could have had sex right there on the floor of the truck. But no such luck. Who knows what they did during their drive from Springfield to New York City, though. Hehe!

The pictures say it all, but... The background is brown to represent Harley's Fudge Dream bar that she never got. The text is from Sarah Mclachlan's "Ice Cream" - the perfect song for this episode. It says that the kissing is better than the ice cream, and it's probably true. Harley would take Gus's kisses over his ice cream any day. Yum!

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