The Day The LIGHT Went Out

Also posted this on the Daytime Confidential's website in response to their entry - Live blogging: Guiding Light's Finale Episode.

It's like saying goodbye to a dear friend or companion. Not quite family for me. I saw GL through its last decade and like Harley the most. Watching through it's final months was weird. It never felt like it was ending soon. And I just basked in the joy of seeing Bill & Lizzie, Olivia & Natalia, and Shayne & Dinah in their stories. I was enjoying a lot on the show, except for Mallet & Marina and Reva & Jeffrey. Even when there was 1 month to go, it felt like farewell was a long way off. And even during this last week I wasn't yet moved to tears. I was just like, "Oh, this is happening. These two are getting married. And Alan's dying." No real emotion yet. Just seeing how it all wraps up. I was especially wondering how the Jeffrey story would wrap. What was hard was counting down the days. I had a little bit of tears after each show, thinking "There's 3 episodes left", then "2 episodes left". Today...I was fully prepared to be sad. And I was. I cried through the show. But I was left with a feeling of happiness as well as loss.

Everything was pretty quick. A lot was jammed in these last two episodes since we had to see how things would end for every character. A lot of happiness, as it should be. And everyone having babies, LOL! Of course Shayne & Marina would be together. I liked that. I'm surprised Mallet & Dinah was shown, but YES, they are back together! And Ricky & Mindy and Frank & Blake - love both! Lots of love going around! Wish we had more Otalia lovin - at least one simple, sweet kiss. I loved the Josh & Reva parts of all this because with them I had no clue what was going to happen. I loved how time moved up a year, and Reva met Josh at the lighthouse with Colin. It all goes back to the lighthouse. And Josh & Reva always. I was crying through the whole ending segment as Michelle Branch's "Together" played. I had been waiting 2+ years for Josh & Reva to get back together, and it happens in the finale. Makes it more special and tear-jerking. I feel bad for the Reva/Jeffrey fans, but I assume Jeffrey died after all. Maybe he and Edmund killed each other. Reva belongs with her Joshua...always. So, I'm happy with the finale. It'll really hit next week that this wonderful show is gone. I'll turn the TV on, and it won't be there. *sigh*

Also, have to give a shout out to my girl Harley. I wish she could have returned for this, but of course that couldn't happen since Beth Ehlers is at ABC. Harley could have gotten a mention when Daisy went off to college - like "Harley would be so proud of you." Frank or Buzz could have said that. Or Daisy could have talked to her on the phone. If Beth never left and Harley was a part of all this, I would have been crying more. I'd be sadder. She could have visited Gus's grave, and the GusH pairing could have been wrapped up in some way. Just my wishful thinking, but really, GL's ending (and great 2009 storytelling) has made up for frustrations I've had with the powers that be. We will never forget this legendary soap opera. It'll live on forever and always through us, the fans.

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