Change Is Good

Just an entry to update everyone...

I've decided to just make this a Gus/Harley blog. Occasionally I might write about Harley's relationships with other guys. But since I am rooting for Gus WAY MORE than Mallet, I've kinda lost interest in Harlet. So I wouldn't be writing about Harlet too much whether I changed the blog or not. And I'm not inspired to write about the Harlet from 10+ years ago.

Hence, welcome to a GusH lover's way of life! It might be more fun this way, meaning I could add some different things besides my opinions. And as always, don't be afraid to share your own thoughts on Gus, Harley, GusH, and/or my posts.

For all you GusH likers or lovers: GusH love is the best love!

~ Kate
Keeper of Harley's love life and GusH's romance.

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