Weird Dream

For once, an entry is about me. I had a crazy dream last night, and it does concern GusH. There are so many aspects to my dream. I remember bits and pieces, but nothing is in a clear chronological order.

One of those bits and pieces is Gus and Harley...alone together. And the reason I'm writing about it here is so I don't forget it. GusH went on some kind of trip; they arrived at their small, cozy hotel room wherever it was. I think they were vacationing in the tropics, but I'm not sure. What I do know is what they did when they got there... As soon as the door was shut, Gus wanted Harley all to himself. Gus was in the mood for some lovin', but Harley thought they should unpack and then venture out. Gus had none of that; he wanted Harley so bad. And before you know it they are kissing and their clothes are coming off.

I recall there being a significance to the window blinds not being closed, so that's what makes me think they were on an island with a patio, a walkway, or the beach right outside their room (meaning anyone could look in). But Gus convinced Harley to ignore everything and focus of him. I have an image in my head... I remember seeing them sitting on the bed with the covers getting pulled back; Gus was shirtless and working on getting Harley's shirt off. They were kissing wildly as Gus layed down, pulling Harley on top of him.

That's it for that part; I didn't see anything else sex-wise. But I saw a little bit of afterglow. I don't remember much of it, though. I know I saw GusH in bed together, if only when Harley wanted to get up and get dressed before someone walked past their room.

The rest of my dream isn't important. It was alright, but not as exciting as GusH. I can't remember the last time I had a really good GusH dream, especially one where kissing and sex were involved. So, I woke up happy this morning!

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