Sweet Reunion

Wasn't Gus and Harley's reunion SO wonderful?! OMG, it was perfect!

Ok, I know it happened, like, over a month ago. But how can I not write about it? I am a GusHer!

When Harley turned and saw Gus, tears poured out of every GusH fan. Their first moments together were sweet and emotional. They started getting familiar with one another again...until the guard came thru and pointed a gun at them. How very protective of Gus to have Harley behind him; no matter what he's been through, it's always about his girl. Of course GusH beat the guard, proving how physically strong they are together.

I loved that Gus wanted to be alone with Harley, and I loved that Harley brought Gus to their house! Even though it's STILL unfinished, it's a private, romantic place for them. One of the magazines said they'd be nervous with each other, and they were. It wasn't painfully obvious, but you could tell. They had not been together in 3 months, so it was really nice that they took time to just talk...

Harley: "And even though I couldn't be with you physically, even though I couldn't um... touch you, or hear your voice calling me from one of the rooms in this house, your spirit ran through me like blood through my veins, and that was enough."

They got to know each other again. Each said what they went through while missing the other. And they went thru a range of emotions - the major one going from anger to passion. Harley railed Gus for leaving her but stopped and started showing some love. I guess she realized that: it doesn't matter anymore; Gus was tortured as much as she was; she should focus on being happy to have Gus back. And just like that, they were 'gettin' it on' on a blanket set up on the floor...shirts off, pants undone, kissing heavily...

Harley: "You know, while you were gone I couldn't breathe. It was like there was air in my lungs, but a bulldozer was pushing it down. Now I can finally breathe again."
Gus: "Well, that's a good thing. Because that will enable me to take your breath away."

Too bad they were interupted TWICE! Mallet just don't get it when Harley says she's fine and can take care of herself. Good thing she got him to leave. Then GusH talked some more, in which you could see that they weren't nervous anymore, and picked up where they left off...

Harley: "You have no idea the stuff you've missed since you've been gone. But right now...all I see is you."
Gus: "Is that right?"
Harley: "All I want is you."

And then the most beautiful love scene shined before our very eyes. Can't say it was the best GusH love scene, but I'm pleased with what we got. Their weding song, "There You Are" by Martina McBride, played, which makes the song even more special. GusH went slow, re-discovering each other and being careful with Gus's leg. And slow is very sexy... My favorite parts are: Harley kissing Gus's neck, Gus kissing Harley's back & neck, and Gus unhooking Harley's bra & slipping the straps off her shoulders. So, yes, of course the hottest parts are also the best parts.

The afterglow was even better since they were obviously quite familiar with one another again. Afterglows are just as wonderful as love scenes; it's always great to see Gus and Harley under sheets knowing they're naked and they just made love. This particular time was their sweetest yet! Harley told Gus about Valentine's Day (see 'A Valentine's To Remember' entry) and said it would be great to "go back and undo everything we messed up". But Gus, being the romantic that he is, said, "I think we should concentrate on the here and now." And the "here and now" meant being together and loving each other...

Harley: "Welcome home, Aitoro."
Gus: "It's good to be home. It's good."
Harley: "I love you."
Gus: "You do? I love you, too."

*BIG SIGH* Best GusH reunion EVER!!! And actually, I think it's their only reunion. If it's not, then it is certainly their most important. :)

Check out the wallpaper I made for the occasion:

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