All Wired Up

I know it's over a month later and I should have wrote about this sooner, but... Think back to February 23...outside Company...which turned out to be a great day for Harleteers...

Mallet and Harley were getting ready for their first case since she returned to the police force. They were doing that funny bickering thing, which in their case is flirting. Sure, nothing romantic happened, but there was serious sexual tension.

Remember what started the tension?

Harley: Mallet, I'm all yours.
Mallet: Great. Unbutton your blouse.

And the heat just esculated from there! Harley wasn't too keen about it, but before you know it, her shirt was 100% unbuttoned while Mallet wired her. He was all around her; they definitely looked like they could have been in a compromising position. And if you're a Harleteer, you could tell they both liked it. What's amazing is that they kept doing it while Harley talked to Dinah on the phone. To them nothing was going on, but to Harleteers sex was written all over them!

Allow me to point out a few hot things:
* Mallet touching her waist and being right at the start of her jeans
* Mallet seeing her completely unbuttoned...aka...seeing her bra
* Mallet glancing right at her breasts
* Harley smiling a lot and telling Dinah her first day on the job is "not so bad either".

Their actions and nonverbal cues spoke much louder than their words since they only talked about their case. So, thank God for nonverbal communication because everything they did was so HOT! I almost can't believe nothing further happened between Harlet, but they were focused on their job and were RIGHT OUTSIDE Company. It's unbelievable no one, especially her family, caught/saw them!

Either way, sexual tension filled the atmosphere; it's obvious if you've seen it with your own eyes. I loved every second of Harley getting wired up! Who would've thought that could be such an arousing process? It might have been a cheap thrill and false hope, but I'll take whatever Harlet stuff TPTB give us.

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